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Misogynistic Influencer Andrew Tate removed from social media platforms

Andrew Tate, an increasingly popular content creator, has recently been banned on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram and youtube. Andrew Tate is best known for his misogynistic, violent and homophobic views and toxic beliefs of masculinity and has recently been garnering billions of views on his content. 


The former Kickboxing champion has garnered attention for his extreme views on women. He describes how he wants to fight women and "grip her up by the neck" and discusses 'imprinting' on 18-19-year-old girls. 


An article by The Guardian reveals that Tate has also openly discussed the abuse allegations against him. Tate allegedly fled the UK to Romania during the police investigation into his abuse allegations. In his videos, he has suggested the move to Romania was to evade his rape charges. He then explains that it is "probably 40% of the reason" he moved there, adding, "I am not a rapist, but I like the idea of just being able to do what I want. I like being free."


There have been growing concerns over the nature of Andrew Tate's content, seemingly affecting his young and impressionable audience. 


A TikTok clip of a teacher has gone viral where she claimed that her 11-year-old students watch and love Andrew Tate.


She said, "We have been in school for three days now, and within these three days, the amount of young 11-year-old boys that have told me that they love Andrew Tate is ridiculous."


She explained how her students have mimicked Andrew Tate's misogynistic rhetoric and allegedly told girls that they are "fat" and "use men to get money."


The Independent discussed that Andrew Tate was removed from TikTok, Facebook and Instagram for expressing "misogynistic" and "derogatory" views on women. TikTok confirmed a permanent ban on Tate's account, explaining to The Independent that misogyny is a "hateful ideology", and it was in the process of removing reposted clips by Tate's fans.


An article by The Independent explained that Tate understood why he was banned but believed that he had been "unfairly vilified." He says: "I understand why they did it. It does not matter if it is a negative view of women, a negative view of men, negative view of sexuality; it does not matter what it is, it should be stopped. I agree with that; Instagram has a responsibility to show it is listening to the public."


In an article by NPR, Meta confirmed that Tate was banned for violating its policies regarding "dangerous individuals and organisations and hate speech."


After being banned by TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, Tate was also permanently removed from Youtube on August 24. In a statement issued to Bloomberg, Youtube's ban on Andrew Tate is allegedly due to "multiple violations" of the platform's community guidelines.

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3 months ago by alexwhite22

Glad he's banned. A dangerous man.

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