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Mobile App for Asylum Seekers: Necessary or Problematic?

The CBP One app has become a controversial means of immigrating to the United States, as many are questioning its effectiveness and if it violates human rights. The Biden administration developed this app to make the entry process quicker and more efficient by allowing potential migrants to schedule appointments online, before travelling to the border.


Immigrants seeking asylum in the United States are being deterred from entering the country however, as the Department of Homeland Security along with the Department of Justice are now issuing new measures for authorization. This proposal, which will allow travelers to obtain asylum in other countries they pass through, comes as the department prepares for the summer surge of undocumented immigration driven by the termination of Title 42.


The expiration of this Trump-era health legislation on May 11th opened new pathways that allow previously unqualified immigrants to now legally enter the country through the southwestern border, primarily through the app CBP One.


This system has received backlash from right-wing supporters who believe this app promotes illegal immigration and an unreliable security procedure. The state of Texas, where its city of El Paso experienced the first wave of immigration, filed a lawsuit against president Biden’s administration in a complaint stating “Neither the app nor the border patrol officers at the southern border ask if the illegal aliens are seeking asylum, nor do they validate any claim for protection”.  


CBP One has also proven to be unreliable, as people attempting to make appointments are met with frozen screens, system errors, and many other technological issues, due to an oversaturated and unequipped system. Gustavo Banda, a pastor at the Embajadores de Jesus sanctuary in Tijuana, expressed his frustration, stating that only two out of over 1,000 asylum-seekers were able to secure an appointment when the app was first established in January. Residents there have also experienced difficulties making appointments within the app, and even prefer the traditional method of using immigrant support networks to get access to an application, instead of the app. Josue Miranda, who has been placed on a waiting list since arriving to Embajadores de Jesus five months ago said “The problem is that the system is saturated and it’s chaos”,  but still remains fervent in his efforts to use the app.



The Department of Homeland Security refuted that this app has not only lessened unauthorized immigration by over 70% , but has also created a safer method for individuals attempting to find sanctuary in the U.S., without depending on human traffickers. The influx of immigration has overwhelmed the Department’s ability to protect incomers from traffickers and other life-threatening elements.


CBP One has imposed a strenuous burden on countless families seeking refuge in the United States, but the Biden administration continues to make improvements to assure that immigrants can safely and efficiently reach the border and reside in their sanctuary of choice.

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