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The world's most important sporting event, the 'OLYMPICS,' was originally scheduled to begin in 2020 but was rescheduled to July 2021 due to the 'corona virus-19'. It has received yet another piece of bad news. This time it is not only for the event but also for the spectators, following an announcement from the Japanese Government on Thursday, July 8.This edition of the summer Olympics will be played in Tokyo, Japan from 23 July 2021 till 8 August 2021, with 339 events to be played in 33 sporting categories with more than 11,000 athletes to be expected.

Just two weeks prior, this came as a big blow for the spectators who were eagerly waiting to watch and enjoy the true spirit of sports of the world's biggest sporting event in the stadium, unfortunately, the state of Japan is under the state of emergency, the Olympic committee and Japanese organizers announced that due to rise in covid-19 infections the state has been put under strict restrictions and to control the spread of the virus and another wave an emergency has been announced and following this no spectators will be allowed to witness any Olympic event physically to contain the spread of same.

This move from the Japanese Govt. came after several talks between the International Olympic Committee, Govt., organizers, and Paralympic representatives.The Japanese President Yoshihide Suga said it was essential to prevent Tokyo, where the highly infectious Delta COVID-19 variant was spreading, from becoming the source of another wave of infections. Adding to this, she also apologized to the fans who purchased the tickets for different Olympic events. Medical experts have also stated that having no spectators at Olympic events is the least risky option during this time and the best choice for containing the virus's spread and preserving the safety of athletes, fans, and the people of Japan. Once seen as a chance for Japan to stand large on the global stage after a devastating earthquake a decade ago, the showpiece event was delayed by the pandemic last year and has been hit by massive budget overruns so fingers crossed this time and hope everything goes well this time.

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