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Over 100 Days of Russian Invasion: War Drags on in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has now reached its 100th day. Here are some key dates from the invasion:

24 February: Russia begins its war on Ukraine 

30 March: Russia shifts its focus from Kyiv to assaulting eastern Ukraine 

13 April: Joe Biden accuses Russia of carrying out genocide on the Ukrainian people

18 May: Sweden and Finland apply to join Nato

Late May: Russia directs its offensive to the Donbas region 

26 May: The UN says that over 14 million people were forced to flee their homes

31 May: EU agrees to deal on banning imports of Russian oil by the end of 2022 


In a video marking the 100th day of the war, Ukrainian President Zelensky said, “Victory will be ours. The glory of Ukraine! ‘.  Ukrainian media coverage echoes this sentiment by covering recent events under the slogan ‘100 Days of Fortune.’  Russian TV did not say how long it had been since the attack began – before the war, commentators suggested that it would take Russia a few days to take control of Ukraine.


Eastern Ukraine remains the primary focus of the Russian conflict, with Russian troops managing to secure about 20 percent of the country.  The breakthrough came at a “significant resource cost”, according to an intelligence update from the UK Ministry of Defence.  In addition, a recent report by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed that troops had been able to repel five attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk.


According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, Ukraine’s devastation “defies comprehension.” Since the start of the war, about 15,000 suspected war crimes have been reported in Ukraine, the chief prosecutor said.  The crimes include the forcible transfer of adults and children to Russia, torture, the killing of civilians, rape, and destruction of civilian infrastructure.  The suspects are among the military, top military, and politicians.


Sgt Vadim Shishimarin, who served as a tank commander in the Kantemirovskaya division, became the first Russian Soldier to be put on trial in Ukraine. A legal precedent was set when he was sentenced to life for killing a civilian last week. Shishimarin admitted to shooting Oleksandr Shelipov but said he had been acting on orders. During the sentencing, the judge stated Shishimarin had committed a crime against peace…and the international legal order’. Despite the evidence, Moscow has denied its soldiers have targeted civilians. The Kremlin is setting up courts and laws to try Ukrainian prisoners as war criminals in response.


The war, as well as its devastating effects on Ukraine, has profoundly changed Russia.  According to Steve Rosenberg, the BBC Russia’s editor, independent news outlets have either been blocked or shut down.  Western shops and cafes have disappeared after hundreds of international companies fled the country in protest.  Propaganda is commonplace, as state TV viewers are told that conflict is necessary and not war.

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