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PM Modi creating smart classrooms with the help of new age technology


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PM Modi is creating new classrooms with the help of new-age technology 


For the betterment of the youth India's PM, Narendra Modi has been to change the old classrooms and make them technology friendly. It will help the youth of the country and the change is according to the aptitude of the students. By harnessing youth power and taking the help of technology the classrooms have been changed. A third of a post of 12 post-budget webinars that stressed the fact "Skilling and Education have been organized by the PM to help the students.


He stated that skill and education are the most important tools in Amritkaal. The lack of flexibility in education has made the education system rigid. Skilling and e-education are the two important pillars that have been stressed by the government. These two have been reoriented by the government to help the students secure their future. The change has been done according to the aptitude of the students.


During the experience of COVID-19, webinars have been introduced in the education system. Any student can access online classes from any part of the world. Even at the time of Adenovirus India's PM Narendra Modi has stressed the importance of e-learning. This move encourages e-learning to be an important part of the education system.


Skilling and e-education are the most important pillars of the education system nowadays. This move encourages further reforms in the education system. The inauguration of the webinar during COVID-19 has been a boon for the education system in India. Students can access the smart technology in the classroom and take advantage of the new age technology.Tablets,smart TV's and lots of other electronic gadgets are made available to all the students in India.This technology helps teachers and students to attend classes through the e-learning and skillling through apps and smart classes in times of need, like COVID-19.


According to the education policy, equal emphasis has been given to Skilling and e-education. This paves the path for the bright future of the students. Even in the time of COVID 19 teachers and students can take attend smart classes with the help of e-learning.This is the benefit of new-age learning and technology.Even in the time of crises of Adenovirus India will be a step ahead because of Skilling and e-education.This is a boon for the students and it will always keep them a step ahead of others.



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