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Pregnant women of Madhya Pradesh will now become Bahubali

While talking to the media before the start of the Monsoon session of Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that since the vaccine is applied to the arms, i.e., "bahu" in Hindi, the person taking the jab becomes "Bahubali". 

Pregnant women have not yet seen much risk from infection, but after they are tested positive, they begin worrying. This discomfort and stress can make them more vulnerable to the virus. Given the chance of a third rush of Corona, it was said that arrangements are fragmented until pregnant and lactating ladies get the immunization.. In India, lactating women were already given the exemption to vaccinate and now a guideline has been issued by the Ministry of Health for pregnant women to get the Corona vaccine. It has additionally been said that immunization is totally alright for them.

Dr Balram Bhargava, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research, said the vaccine is useful for pregnant women and should be given. In the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, it has been said that the Corona vaccine is completely safe and it provides complete protection against infection by Covid 19 in pregnant women and other people. Pregnant women can get vaccinated by registering themselves on the COWIN portal or by registering at the vaccination center.

In countries like America, Britain, China, the Covid-19 vaccination has already begun for pregnant women. At the same time, different states in India had different rules regarding this. Pregnant ladies in Maharashtra can get inoculated against Corona, however, they should have a specialist's endorsement testament. Vaccines were not administered to pregnant women in Madhya Pradesh. But now, pregnant women will also be vaccinated against Corona in Madhya Pradesh. The government has decided to vaccinate about 20 lakh people, such as pregnant women, under a special campaign. This campaign started on the 23rd of July.

In this regard, the State Health Department's Additional Director and State Immunization Officer, Dr. Santosh Shukla, said on Thursday in a webinar organized by the Health Department's Routine Immunization Cell and UNICEF for media people that the same precautions must be taken when vaccinating pregnant women. Patients admitted to the hospital due to serious illnesses or complaints will not get these vaccines. Such patients have to first get treated for their illnesses. Women should not come with an empty stomach to get vaccinated.

Dr Shukla informed us that the pregnant women would also be given two doses of the vaccine. Though both Covishield and Covaxin vaccines are available in the state, it has been decided to administer Covaxin to pregnant women as the gap between the first and second vaccines is 28 days. We need such moms to get the two dosages of the antibody at the soonest. These vaccines will be administered at designated government centers only.

It was said in the webinar that the COVID vaccine is as safe for pregnant women as it is for normal people. No evidence has been found so far of causing any harm to the pregnant woman or the unborn baby. Subsequent to getting the antibody, some normal manifestations may show up, for example, gentle fever or slight torment at the immunization site, however, there is no compelling reason to freeze.

UNICEF's health expert, Dr. Vandana Bhatia, said that it is necessary to vaccinate pregnant women because of the risk of this disease to them and their unborn children are high. In such a situation, the vaccine is an effective way to protect both mother and child.


Why are Vaccines Important for Pregnant Women?

Like other people, the vaccine is necessary for pregnant women too. According to the Ministry of Health, many women's early symptoms of Corona infection are minor, but their health has been affected in many cases. It has been observed many times that their health declines during infection. It can also affect the unborn child In such a circumstance, it becomes important that pregnant ladies ought to likewise make certain about the security of themselves and the youngster.


Severity of Corona in Pregnant Women

According to the Ministry of Health, 90% of pregnant women who become infected with the virus recover without the need for hospitalization. In the case of severe illness like other patients, pregnant women will also need to be hospitalized Pregnant ladies who are more than 35 and have hypertension, corpulence, or some other genuine infection are at higher danger.


Impact of Corona virus on the child growing in the womb

The health of children born to Corona-infected mothers has improved in 95 percent of cases. At the same time, the condition of pre-mature delivery has arisen in some pregnant women infected with Corona. The heaviness of such infants can be pretty much as low as 2.5 kg upon entering the world. Indeed, even in uncommon cases, the existence of the child can be lost in the belly. A pregnant woman who has been cured of Corona can wait for a while to get the vaccine, but she should get the vaccine immediately after delivery.



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