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Private Investigator Addresses Allegations Over The Missing Madeleine Case

The famous case of Madeleine McCann's, a three year old disappearance in a Portuguese resort that made headlines in 2007, has recently gained attention due to recent social media claims about her possible discovery.


Julia Wendell, a polish woman has taken to instagram, adopting the handle @iammadeleinemccan where she has made multiple claims on being the missing girl in videos and where she has drawn multiple connections between her phenotypes and those of the McCann family.


Wendell has made comments stating that she had a freckle on her thigh and an eye speck that are similar to the one Maddie had in her childhood photos. According to her instagram bio, after Wendell contacted the McCann family and requested a DNA test to put all the sceptics to rest, they agreed.


The private investigator who oversaw the search for Maddie in the months following her disappearance, has now spoken out against the unfounded allegations. Francisco Marco spoke with El Independiente and stated that the situation doesn't make sense to him without understanding the specifics in great detail which is why he said  "I don't think it's her," he admitted.


Many people have been using social media in recent months to show how much they resemble Maddie as part of a trend. One user posted a video on Tiktok about her alarming connections to the unresolved case where she was considering doing a DNA test for not having documented photos of her before she was three years old.


Users did not appreciate how popular that this trend was getting and how disrespectful it was to the McCann family. “If you genuinely feel this way then go to the police, don't post a TikTok about it lol,” one comment said.


The most recent and popular allegation posted on TikTok and Instagram, involved Wendell using Maddie's images when she was a child as proof that she and Maddie are the same person.


The woman wrote in a post on Feb. 17 that she had spoken to a person who was Madeleine's cousin and who was able to arrange a DNA test with Kate and Gerry McCann. Her posts have received a lot of attention and her account has reached over a million followers.


The Madeleine's family is yet to publicly respond to these allegations. "I think I can be Madeleine," reads Wendell’s Instagram bio. She continued "I need a DNA test."


Wendell responded to questions from her followers concerning her connection to the case admitting that she does not remember being taken away and has little to no memory of most of her upbringing. She revealed that her connection is primarily because of their similar appearance.


A personal and familiar source to the McCann told the Daily Star on Feb. 19, saying that the  McCanns are ready to "look at all leads," prompting the most recent remarks. They added that the girl does look similar and that “there’s no disputing that.”


German detectives, however, think that Maddie, who vanished in 2007 while on a family vacation in Portugal, was murdered by sex offender Christian Brueckner, who has categorically denied any involvement in the girl's abduction.


Nonetheless, despite extensive searches and countless police enquiries, the child's body has never been found.


Police have been looking into Brueckner's involvement in her disappearance and murder for more than three years, but they still don't have enough evidence to bring charges against him.

A friend's assertions that prosecutors have acknowledged they are having trouble gathering enough evidence against him were previously reported in The Mirror.


Police forces have begun re-interviewing Brueckner's friends and associates in an effort to close the famous case. Recently, a friend who lived in the Algarve with the German man and knew him spoke with detectives.


He said that detectives believe Chris did it, but had told him that they don’t have proof. When talking about the situation with him “they were very open” about what was happening.

"It felt like they are struggling… there was nothing new."

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