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Pro-Palestine Supporters Thrown Out of Dagestan Airport

Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim-populated region in Russia, saw hundreds of Palestinian supporters storm the airport. The protest was in response to the landing of an Israeli aircraft in the region. Police personnel had to shut down the airport and remove protestors from the site. 


The pro-Palestinian supporters had stormed the Makkhachkala airport in Dagestan. Twenty individuals were injured before the police arrived to clear out the protestors. The passengers on the Israeli plane remained unharmed. 


Protestors are gathered around an aircraft at the Dagestan airport


The airport takeover was another incident added to the list of anti-Israel protests taking place across the North Caucasus region. The Israel-Hamas conflict has led to unrest across several regions around the world. Dagestani officials claim that they are taking preventive measures to ensure the safety of over 3 million residents. 


The Dagestani civil unrest poses a threat to President Vladimir Putin’s rule, which is battered by an attempted mutiny while waging war against Ukraine  The Russian forces and Islamic insurgents had a face-off in the region. 


Evidence of Protests in Dagestan

Video evidence shows that the protestors consisted mainly of young men waving Palestinian flags, vandalizing doors, and yelling slogans of “Allahu Akbar,” translated as “God is the Greatest.” Other protestors were spotted attempting to turn over a patrol truck. 


The Russian Aviation Authority has currently closed down the airport until it passes further security checks. While no arrests have happened, Russian authorities have begun a criminal probe. The Kremlin released a statement saying that the anti-Israel demonstration was a direct result of outside influence and information.


Protestors gathered at the Makkhachkala Airport


Sergei Melikov, the Dagestani leader, states that the recent incident has grossly violated the law. He states, “There is no courage in waiting as a mob for unarmed people who have not done anything forbidden.” 


Sergei Melikov and Vladimir Putin


Melikov continues to state that waiting to mob unarmed individuals is a grave mistake and should be looked into. Leaders from other Northern Caucasus regions have made appeals to the public. The Russian Muslim cleric, or mufti, has appealed to the masses to maintain peace. 


Protests erupt in other regions of Russia.

The Israeli administration has appealed to Russia to protect the rights and lives of the Israelis and the Jews currently residing in the country. Recently, a Jewish centre in Nalchik, near the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, was set on fire. 


There are alleged reports that citizens are holding anti-Israel meetings in Dagestan and other regions in the Northern Caucasus. However, these reports are not verified. 


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claims that the current situation in Russia is due to the state’s widespread hatred against different cultures, countries, and religions. The national television, state leaders, pundits, etc., propagate this hatred. 


Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Vladimir Putin


Russia has made attempts to side with parties involved in the conflict, i.e., Israel and Hamas. However, the Russian authorities have angered the Israeli government by receiving a Hamas delegation to Moscow. Thus, the Israeli foreign ministry has summoned the Russian ambassador. 


Israel states that summoning the Russian ambassador is not an act of protest but rather a reprimand. It is also an opportunity to gain clarity on the matter.

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