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Prostitutes Look To Make Extra Money During Davos Meeting

The World Economic Forum has begun its yearly meeting, where like-minded elites meet in Davos, Switzerland, and as the wealthy elites flood in, so do the sex workers. 


The World Economic Forum is a very powerful lobbying group that hosts a yearly meeting between the world's wealthiest people, ex-U.S. presidents, other world leaders, celebrities and musicians to talk about the significant issues facing the world. 


Attendees at the Davos meeting this year include:


  1. Tony Blair, ex-UK Prime Minister

  2. Keir Starmer, Leader of the UK Labour Party

  3. John Kerry, USA “Climate Czar”

  4. Ursala von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

  5. Olaf Shultz, Chancellor of Germany

  6. Christopher Wray, FBI Director

  7. Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia

  8. Joe Manchin, Senator of West Virginia

  9. Kyrsten Sinema, Senator of Arizona

  10. Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan


When these masters of the universe arrive in the small Swiss town, it is almost always certain that the men or women in attendance will always request sex workers to accompany them. One “madam,” a female pimp of prostitutes in Aargau, Switzerland, spoke to the German radio station “20 Minuten” and stated they got twenty-five inquiries and eleven bookings on the first day. 


One of the prostitutes in attendance also gave an interview to the German newspaper “Bild” that she is escorting an American client this year and charges him twenty-five hundred dollars each night.


Another prostitute from Germany also posted on her Twitter to describe her experience. She mentions having to deal with security and how intimidating the guards can be, and it isn't until the event is over that the guards decide to spill secrets about the most powerful people in the world.


Due to fear of ending up in legal trouble, she did not reveal who any of her clients were. 


She did, however, say that while many prostitutes are working at Davos, politicians are hardly ever making the requests. “You have to choose between drugs, sex or political power."


Although prostitution is legal in Switzerland, many of the prostitutes choose to dress in professional clothing in order not to stand out due to the gravity of the topics being discussed.


Switzerland is not unique in its lenient laws against prostitution. Many European countries, including Portugal, Spain, Finland, Italy and Denmark have legalized prostitution, but the government does not regulate it. Other countries like Norway, Sweden, France and Iceland have similar laws regarding the act of selling sex but purchasing sex is still illegal. 


This year, Davos attendees plan on addressing such issues as climate change, inequality, the Ukraine war and gender equality. 


Security has also been reinforced at this year's Davos convention due to the increased levels of threat from not only climate activists demanding the WEF do more to address the crisis. But also conspiracy theorists, many associated with Qanon, making threats against the event and its attendees. 


Accusations against the WEF from Qanon include:


  1. Worship of Satan

  2. Mass murder

  3. Cannibalism 

  4. Creating the COVID-19 pandemic

  5. Human sacrifice 

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