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Putin: “The Sarmat Will Make People Think Twice Who Try To Threaten Our Country.”

Russia test launched its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile to warn its enemies. 


A video surfaced on Wednesday, April 20th of President Putin delivering a threatening message to the west. This show of armament came just days after Russian troops invaded the Donbas region of Ukraine. Recent talks of Sweden and Finland joining Nato has also put the Kremlin on a subjectively defensive position. 


Before announcing the progress the Russian military has made, President Putin congratulated his comrades on successfully testing the ballistic missile. In the words of the Russian leader, “this new system has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and is able to overcome all missile defense capabilities. It will have no equivalents in the world for a long time…and will make people think twice who, in the heat of frantic aggressive rhetoric, try to threaten our country.”  


CNN’s Barbara Starr revealed that the Sarmat was uncovered in 2016, it is an innovation from the soviet-era model, has the capability to carry numerous nuclear warheads, and has a range of more than 6,800 miles (10943,54 km). This newly developed missile can inherently reach the United States. 


The Kremlin revealed the ground covered during the test launch. The missile seemingly traveled from Plesetsk in northwestern Russia, and it striked its target in the Kamchatka peninsula, far northeast at a distance of 3,700 miles (6000 km). 


White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that Russia “provided advanced notice on this launch under its New Start treaty obligation that a plan to test this missile.” The New Start treaty is an agreement for nuclear arms minimization, and various missile deployment information must be shared between the two nations. 


The U.S. defense department does not conceive the test to be a threat to the state’s security. A senior U.S. defense official did comment that the test was irresponsible, amid the political tensions between the two countries, coupled with the war in Ukraine. 


Prior to the Ukraine invasion, Russia warned the west of dangerous consequences if there are involvements in the war. President Putin ordered his nuclear forces to be put on high alert, not long after.  "The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility," United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in March. 


This symbolic act of revelation is a milestone for the Russian government. 


Dr. Jack Watling of the Royal United Service Institute (RUSI), UK’s principal defense and security think tank said, “The timing of the test reflects the Russians wanting to have something to show as a technological achievement in the lead-up to Victory Day, at a time when a lot of their technology has not delivered the results they would have liked.” 


Just days ago, Russia threatened the whole of Europe during the discussion regarding the two Nordic countries Finland and Sweden’s Nato prospect membership.

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