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The Survival of Refugees has become blurry amidst the Pandemic: On the occasion of World Refugee Day- 20th June 2021.

World Refugee Day is an international day indicated by the United Nations to acknowledge refugees around the globe. On 20th June every year celebrates the strength of the refugees around the world. World Refugee Day is an opportunity to develop compassion and recognition for their plight. It is to identify their resilience in reconstructing their memoirs.

Significance of this Day

World Refugee Day reflects a spotlight on rights. The requirements and desires of refugees, assisting to prepare political directions. Along with supplies for the refugees can not only survive but also flourish. It is crucial to preserve and enrich the lives of refugees every single day. International days like World Refugee Day help to concentrate global awareness on the situation of those fleeing struggle or oppression. Many projects held on World Refugee Day generate possibilities to assist refugees.

World Refugee Day embraced globally on 20th June 2001, remembering the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. It is originally provided for acknowledgement as Africa Refugee Day. However, before the United Nations General Assembly officially designated it as an international day in December 2000.

Analysing the Covid-19 and Refugees crisis

It is a common assumption that refugees in the world are unprivileged and not economically stable. In a larger picture, refugees usually fall under the above categories. But, this is a common misconception in the understanding of the word. Refugees are the people who were either compelled to escape their home country to avoid dispute, persecution and need for survival. During the second world war, displacement and replacement were essential to the world. However, some countries welcomed the replaced refugees, some facing identity crises and others ill-treated as a terrorist. 

The United Nations and other organisations representing and advocating for the refugees and migrants cannot impose a decision on any countries. The situation is such that imposing such a decision would lead to civil war in the country. However, the UN Secretary-General did express concern about rethinking how the world supports refugees, migrants and internally displaced people. No country can confront the pandemic or control migration alone. But collectively, it can restrain the spread of the virus. It can slow its impact on the vulnerable once and recover better for the benefit of all. The UN and other small-large organisations are trying hard to assist the refugees. However, the question of development and availability becomes a crucial question. 

On the occasion of world refugee day of 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on the refugees. The Covid-19 shocked the developed countries in the world. The developing countries are barely holding the vulnerable medical infrastructure. The governments of most countries are providing health care facilities to their citizens. The anti-covid vaccination doses achieved among most developed countries. The developing countries with a diverse population are facing issues to complete the vaccination process. Where most countries cannot afford medical care and vaccination for their citizens, the migrants and refugees are in a blur line.

No countries have formally denied any decision on vaccinating the refugee. The deficiency of information among refugees has stoked tension. Whether the resisting government provides assistance and vaccination to the refugees and migrants is a blurry question. Most refugees and ill-legal migrants in developing countries are economically backward. They lack knowledge of such awareness due to socio-economic deprivation.

Most refugees and migrant people are not aware of how the spread of these deadlier. It is a highly transmissible variant that can affect their communities. Along with lack of knowledge, being caught or transported back to the native refuge countries has created terror. Refugees refrain from listing cases to withdraw opposing prejudice or possible violence. For example, the Asian hate crime in the world. Especially after implying blame falsely for spreading the coronavirus at the origin of the pandemic.

The significant problem in most developing countries is an inability to list down the total number of refugees or ill-migrants in their state. Most refugees do not want to provide the data or are hiding illegally. The government is unaware of the number of refugees in their countries. The transmitting nature of the virus and refugee crisis makes the organisation difficult to help. However, the solution declared by the UN on the countries has to work collectively. The developed countries and organisations can create an awareness drive and be sensitive to the issue. This act of solidarity is seen as ideal because even during the Covid-19 crisis some countries are fighting.

Pandemic and Conflict zone crisis

  • Yemen’s triple emergency: Food crisis amid a civil war and Covid-19.

  • The armed conflict in Colombia between the government and the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) de-escalated considerably after the Covid-19 struck the country.

  • The civil war in Libya between the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Libyan National Army (LNA) has intensified since March 2020. 

  • Israelis and Palestinians Struggle with the Covid-19 and with each other.

Besides its health and economic consequences, Covid-19 impacted armed conflict risks. The above conflicts became an obstacle in dealing with the Covid-19. It resulted in the displacement of refugees and migrants. The pandemic could not stop the above wars. A shocking thread drawing together the above countries is that prevailing circumstances before the Covid-19 crisis appeared were already terrible. Even the pandemic has not become a priority in the sights of the people. Besides its critical health and economic effects, Covid-19 impacts armed conflict risks as well. These conflicts themselves are an important barrier in administering the pandemic. The people in these zones are moving back and forth either due to covid or conflict zones. The variant of the Covid-19 virus is such that they travel along through the air. They carry the virus with them. The loss of their foreign assets due to displacement expanded catastrophe for their communities. The pressure on the country's healthcare system from a shortage of anti-covid vaccinations to increasing covid cases. This crisis shows the hideous features of humanity and the significance of power play in the world. If the Covid-19 virus could not stop then the world is uncertain to any extent.  


In an ideal world, this article would provide a solution to bring stability from the virus and war. But, with the current situation, it has become impossible to play a blame game or ask any country to help. The countries are unable to stabilise the virus in their countries. Expecting help from other countries is impracticable. The desire to seek hope held with the UN. Either to further mobilise its aid or negotiate with states to stop wars and assist the refugees. Pandemic has revealed the shade of humanity and smashed the desire for hope.


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