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Russia Intentionally Downs U.S Drone Over Black Sea

    Tuesday night over the Black sea , a Russian fighter jet intentionally struck a U.S drone  forcing it to crash into the Sea. The Jet  made 2 passes before it was able to damage the propeller of the surveillance drone and knocked out the visual feed. The video was released  on Thursday that clearly shows the Russian aggression. The video is amazing because it demonstrates the amazing skill and dexterity of the Russian Air-force pilots and aircraft.
     One of the most surprising  facts about this news is that the United States is flying  drones over the Black Sea at all. This incident exposes the  high level of involvement oft he United States in the conflict. America can no longer say that it has no direct role in the conflict. While it has not concealed its support for Ukraine after having publicly donated billions of dollars in military aid , the use of surveillance aircraft shows the U.S is more  involved than previously thought.
    What is also surprising is Russia own involvement in an  area it claims that is its own airspace. The dispute comes amid the horrific battle raging in Bakhhmut. The battle going on is reminiscent of the darkest days of World War II and has echoes of the siege of Berlin during the last days of the war. t Although there are still questions about where exactly the incident took place. That surely has to be the next shoe to drop. How close exactly was the U.S surveillance drone and should we believe Russia at all. It appears to be over open water. This incident looks like a slap in the face to Americans and shows we are not to sleep soundly at night.
    One interesting clue comes from the actions of the fighter jet. It  dumped fuel just before it came into contact with the drone.  One explanation is that it was preparing to land dumped e fuel  before and emergency landing. This would back up Russia's claim that it was near land and therefore “violated  Russia's' airspace. Pilots dump  to lower the weight of the aircraft so the landing is not to heavy and does not injures passengers or the aircraft itself. However the pilot could have just been trying to reduce speed because a lower weight prevents the aircraft from travelling too fast and destroying the drone. It could have been also trying to land on the drone and capture it , but that seems unlikely and very tricky.
    The idea that the U.S would get actively involved in the conflict has never been off the table . This looks kind of like being caught with your pants down and getting punched in the face for it. Tensions continue to rise. Only last year , a dog fight between Russia and The U.S would  the scared anyone in their tracks. Now this barely stays on the headlines . Is it  only a matter of time before the U.S sends its own jets to aid Ukraine? Poland  has already done so . America  stationed troops in  Romania bolstering its presence along the Black Sea . Morality pulls towards trying to stop the atrocities happening in Bahkmut as much as possible. If that means American troops on the ground so be it. If we stepped in during Allepo aybe we would not be in this position .We let Hitler train his Luftwaffe in Spain during the 1930's and paid the price for it.

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