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Russia Tries To Isolate Ukraine Internally, But The Attacks Continue.

With the Russia-Ukraine war continuing to be prolonged, it also increases the tensions about whether there will be peace between these two countries. The consequence of this war is already seen in numerous villages and cities, such as Kyiv, Bucha, and Donbas. While both the leaders don't suffer any physical damage, their citizens do. In Ukraine, the citizens are losing their loved ones, homes, and identity, while in Russia, the high inflation has already made it difficult for many to survive.

Again, reports are coming that Russia is targeting the eastern side of Ukraine and gradually surrounding Kyiv. They are now said to target specific individual buildings, such as the most recent attack on a factory outside Kyiv.


'Focusing on teaching Ukraine a lesson, not on the civilians':

Reports have said that the reason behind this attack was the sinking of the Moskva Warship, but there is still uncertainty as to what caused it. President Putin said that it sank from an unexpected fire, while President Zelensky stated that his missile fell the ship whether it was accidental or not.

The factory where the missile hit was said to be a factory where the Ukrainians repaired missiles. This was not the only target; the small business and residential homes surrounding the factory also suffered devastating consequences. As for the victims, they are now displaced and homeless. One victim explains how 'we did well, and then from nowhere, when people were sleeping, Moscow gave us an event.

The missile used was a high precision, long-range sea-launched caliber missile, which hit that factory outside Kyiv. This missile is said to have a large blast radius, increasing the vulnerability of anything within a close radius. Its results and impacts can be seen in the surroundings of the factory building.


'Missile strikes will continue….'

In a recent interview, President Zelensky said that he is afraid President Putin could resort to using nukes to end the invasion of Ukraine at a quicker pace. In another recent interview, President Putin had to have warned the US that if it continues to interfere and help Ukraine, it will have devastating consequences.

It is also reported that the aim behind this attack was to reduce and prevent any terrorist attack or sabotage of the Kyiv nationalist regime on Russian territory. The mayor of Kyiv says that now the citizens can't return to the city as considerable damage is still unaccounted for.

In the northern capital of Kyiv is the village of yahidn; a Russian shell brutally killed a 12-year-old girl named Veronica and her step-farther Pedro while the family was fleeing the city of Charneh. This is the story of millions of families who watch their lives flash before their eyes.



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