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Russian Airstrikes In Lviv Kill Seven And Injure Eleven

Russian missile strikes in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv killed seven people and injured 11 others. 

On Monday, April 18th, three Russian missiles hit a military infrastructure, and a fourth one struck a tire repair shop. Lviv’s regional military administration governor Maksym Kozytskyi said the death toll could increase as rescue operations persist. 

Though Russia is keen on its efforts in eastern Ukraine, attacks on the western regions have not ceased. Airstrikes on western Ukraine can prolong as only ground troops are being deployed to the east. President Volodymyr Zelensky is averse to giving up territory to win the war. The fighting for all of Ukraine to remain a sovereign democratic state will continue. 

In the southeastern city port of Mariupol, Ukrainian forces and civilians are resisting attacks by taking refuge and defending themselves from a steelworks plant, CBS news informs. The Ukrainian’s battle strategies are holding up thus far against Russian aggression. 

According to CBS news’ Tanya Rivero, “the Ukrainian Marine commander sent an open letter to Pope Francis and called Mariupol hell on Earth.”

Russia is taking advantage of its ability to strike anywhere in Ukraine, and it is utilizing its armaments to prove superiority over Ukraine. Attacks on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, are increasing as well, following a defeat by the Ukrainian army that prompted Russian troops to rapidly retreat. 

Moscow’s expectation for Kyiv to succumb to its army and government continues to be unsuccessful. The three-day operation on Kyiv has now lasted for 60 days and counting. 

CBS News foreign correspondent Chris Livesay believes the Thursday, April 14th destruction of Russia’s 510-crew missile cruiser, the Moskva, is potentially the reason behind president Putin’s boasting display of superiority with airstrikes in the west and brutal attacks in the east. 

Leading up to the sinking of the Moskva in the black sea, the 12, 490-tonne vessel was a symbol of Russia’s military power, and it had prevailed in naval attacks against Ukraine. The vessel reportedly sank after a fiery explosion on board, and “While being towed... towards the destined port, the vessel lost its balance due to damage sustained in the hull as fire broke out after ammunition exploded. Given the choppy seas, the vessel sank," the Russian defense ministry said.

Although the remarkable fighting from Ukrainians is giving the western world hope, a Ukrainian lawmaker from the black sea region in the Mariupol area believes there is no enthusiasm for the city. The lawmaker told CBS’s Chris Livesay there are still those who refuse to give up and continue to fight for their city in defiance of Russia’s ultimatum to surrender or die. The lawmaker believes the city is lost.  

Mariupol civilians who are still fighting do not count on Russia to show them mercy upon surrendering. Russia has a history of firing on civilians who try to escape the city, “despite agreeing to cease-fires and humanitarian corridors” according to Chris Livesay. 

Those still fighting suspect the pattern of the Russian army’s betrayal and killing of Ukrainians, after granting them safe passage out of the war zones to remain. 


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