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Russia's agressive behaviour in Ukraine-Russia war



According to Ukraine on Tuesday fighting had decreased considerably in Bakhmut but the shelling continued. Ukrainian troops keep a strong foothold on the city's edge and Russian forces on the clearing areas that they hold. 


According to the Russian forces Saturday they had completely taken over the Bakhmut region in eastern Ukraine. But Ukraine demanded that Russian troops had made advancements in the city's southern and northern parts.


The head of the Russian Warner mercenary group has said that they will transfer control of the city of Bakhmut to the Russian army by June 1.This displays Russia's aggressive behavior in this war.


 Russia launched missiles at Kyiv and other areas as well. Russia's defence ministry claimed that one of the missiles hit the Patriot missile defence system at Kyiv.


Washington’s top general claimed that the crash of a U.S Surveillance drone after colliding against a Russian jet indicates Russia’s aggressive behavior. Meanwhile, Russia pointed out that flying drones near Crimea invoked violence.


A day after the Drone from the U.S.A. went down in the Black Sea, the situation got trickier than before. Defence ministers from the U.S. and Russia had rare telephonic conversations regarding this incident.



Sergei Shongu, the defence minister of Moscow started that American drones by the coast of Crimea were undoubtedly a sign of provocation. Lloyd Austin, who was his U.S. counterpart, listened patiently to all the remarks.


 Crimea was a part of Ukraine but afterwards, it was annexed by Moscow in the year 2014. Russia added that both countries should act with responsibility. Austin declined to share the call details.


Two Russian Su-27 Fighter planes approached the drone and sprayed fuel on it before clipping its propeller causing it to fall. The MQ-9 Reaper drone was harassed by fighter planes before it crashed down into the sea. The drone crashed into the sea making sufficient sound . The aggressive actions by the Russians depict that the Russians intended to take down the drone. But the Russians are pressing upon the fact that it was an unintentional act.  


The Drone incident is the first incident reported since the Ukraine invasion one year ago.

Russia pointed out that the U.S.A was directly playing its part in the war against Ukraine, something that the U.S.A had plans to avoid for a long time.


Americans stress the point that they are not taking part in any kind of military operations but this incident proved otherwise according to Kremlin Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev. The United States of America has supported Ukraine financially but never have they participated in any military operations. The Moscow incident portrays the role of the West in engaging in military operations in the Ukraine-Russia war.

Edited By:Kavya Vengkateshwaran

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