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Samsung Could Roll Out New Tech to Track Health Metrics

Taylor Dyer

April 23, 2023


Samsung could be getting ready to release a new device to help you keep track of your health. The tech company is reportedly working on a first-gen smart ring called the Galaxy Ring. Some of the features on the device would include a PPG (Photoplethysmography) sensor and an ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor


For those who are unaware, a PPG sensor is an optical measurement often used for heart rate monitoring purposes. It conducts a measurement “using a light source and a photodetector at the skin's surface to measure volumetric variations of blood circulation.” 


Some may wonder what sets a smart ring apart from a smartwatch, which already has heart rate monitoring capabilities. Since the ring wraps around your finger, it can more accurately measure your exercise activities, heart rate, sleep, and other health parameters

This is because we generally have more capillaries and arteries in our fingers, making it easier to more accurately track health metrics.


The Competition


Samsung is not the only company to think of this technology. Apple is also working on a smart ring of its own. Apple could pair its design with future mixed or extended reality headsets, including essential health and fitness tracking.


Besides Apple and Samsung, Ultrahuman and Oura already have smart rings on the market. Both rings will set you back around $300. However, the Oura smart ring has a monthly $5.99 membership fee with the Gen3.  


When Could Samsung’s Smart Ring Be Released?


If you hope to get your hands on Samsung’s new smart ring, it could be a while before it is released. A launch date or timeframe for the product has yet to be revealed. Samsung will likely take its time before launching the Galaxy Ring because it could potentially impact its Galaxy Watch sales. 


Some people may not feel like they need both a smartwatch and a smart ring. The smart ring market is also relatively new, so there is no telling how well sales will be. 


However, if Samsung wants a head start on the competition, it must act fast. If Apple releases their smart ring quicker, Samsung will have a hard time catching up, as Apple is the most popular tech brand now worth over a trillion dollars.



Edited By: Yasmin

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