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Schools and Colleges Impacted by the Omicron Variant

Schools and Colleges have shut down due to the spread of the Omicron Virus. Many schools and colleges have been shut down in different states because of the spread of the COVID 19 new and more dangerous variant, the Omicron variant. India has reported 90,928 Covid cases with 325 deaths in 24 hours up till January 6, Thursday, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Due to the sudden merge of coronavirus cases and the spread of the Omicron variant, the state governments have gain passed the order to close the schools and colleges with academic institutions to suppress the spread of the pandemic.

Here’s the list of the states closed schools


  • Mumbai and Pune Schools Closed

As the cases in Mumbai are 15,000 in which 80% cases are of Omicron, the BMC has announced to shut down the schools from class 1 to class 9 & class 11 till the end of this month i.e., January 31 till further notice, classes will be held online while Pune has schools closed for classes 1 to 8 till January 30. 


• UP schools Closed

The government of Uttar Pradesh has announced to shut the doors of the schools till class 10th up to January 15 up till further notice due to the new coronavirus variant i.e., Omicron in the densely populated region. However, there is no update regarding the closing of collages. 


• Delhi Schools Closed 

Delhi government has also announced to shut down the schools as Delhi reports 464 Omicron cases till further information comes up.


• Haryana Colleges Closed 

The Higher Education Institutions including colleges and institutions of Haryana have been closed till January 12 this month in the wake of an increase of new Omicron cases across India. The State Health Government would be arranging the vaccination drive for the children in the age group of 15 to 18 by January 10 mentioned by the Haryana Government.


• Karnataka schools and colleges closed

The Karnataka government has called for the closure of schools and colleges including universities for two weeks starting from January 6 with an exception to classes 10,12, Nursing Medical, and Paramedical colleges in the state in the spike of COVIS 19 cases. 


• Jharkhand Schools Colleges Closed

Schools are closed in Jharkhand by January 15 said by the state government due to the widespread of Omicron cases whereas the Colleges are shut up 12 days from now till further notification. 


• Bihar Schools Closed

Schools of Bihar are shut down from classes 1 to 8 whereas the higher standards from class 9th will commence the classes with 50% of the strength. 





• Punjab Schools Colleges Closed News

Punjab government has also shut the schools and colleges till January 15 the state has also imposed a night curfew starting from 10 pm to 5 am till January 15 due to the sudden increase in the cases of Omicron Variant.


• West Bengal Closed News of Collages and Schools

Colleges and Schools in West Bengal have been shut down from January 3 till the further orders. The government has also imposed the night curfew and imposed restrictions on large gatherings.


• Tamil Nadu Schools closed

Joining the list here comes Tamil Nadu that has also closed the schools from class 1to8 with an exception of higher classes. The classes will be conducted online instead of offline. 


• Goa Schools Colleges Closed

This state has also shut the schools and colleges from classes 1to8 till January 26 of this month the classes will be again held in blended mode i.e., online mode meanwhile the students of classes 9to12 to be continued with revised Covid 19 protocols whereas the students should be properly vaccinated.


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