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Seoul Halloween Crush Kills 151, Injures 82

The Seoul Halloween crush, in which 151 people, mostly college students, died and 83 were injured, has left many wondering how this could have happened. While many are looking for answers and are calling for stricter penalties on the festival, others believe that the problem lies within the education system itself. The article discusses how Korean society encourages children to prioritize school over everything else in their lives and how they are preparing them to be more focused on intellectual aspects of life rather than socializing with peers during their crucial developmental years.


On October 30, 2022, President Yoon Suk-yeol of South Korea proclaimed a time of national mourning following a Halloween crush that left about 151 people dead in a crowded Seoul nightlife area.

The official name of the festival is "Halloween," but the Korean terminology for it is "All Saints' Eve." It is considered a significant holiday in Korea and is often called "Korean Halloween." Halloween in Korea consists mainly of three things: wearing costumes, attending outdoor festivals, and consuming alcohol. For many college students, this often means going to a festival before heading to a club. The college students' costumes are usually animal costumes or uniforms from famous movies or TV shows.

To get into these clubs, they need to be dressed up because it shows that they are not just there to get drunk but also to celebrate Halloween itself. Students also go trick-or-treating, but this is more like a social activity than anything else because they are not going out to get candy. Korean Halloween peaked in popularity in the 2000s, but there is debate as to whether it has declined since then. It is difficult to say with certainty because different sources give conflicting information. Some claim that the number of people attending festivals has declined, while others say that the number of people visiting clubs and bars has increased.

The trend of drinking excessively during Halloween has been on the rise for a long time now, especially among young adults who are more likely to get involved in car accidents after drinking too much.

Even if you’re not a student or haven’t been following recent events in Korea, this article is worth a read as it provides a glimpse into the complex cultural differences between East Asian societies and Western one



All of the deaths, according to Choi, the fire chief for the Yongsan area, were probably caused by the alley's crowding.

Fire officials and witnesses claimed that even when the alley was already jam-packed to the gills, people continued to come in, and when those at the top of the slope fell, individuals below them toppled over others.


One mom claimed that after being imprisoned for more than an hour, her daughter was saved after being rescued from the crowd.


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