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South African fraudster impersonating UK Member of Parliament Rishi Sunak

A bogus self-styled chief secretary in the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government in the United Kingdom based in South Africa and claiming to be Rishi Sunak used a South African mobile number +27664266733 and sent me a text message on Workers' Day requesting me to contact him via email on [email protected] for unclaimed funds. 

White collar criminals in South Africa always believe they are clever than everyone. He expected me to fall into his trap but unfortunately the trick landed onto the wrong platform. I contacted him to verify and further investigate the scam.

In the e-mail sent to me that I will share below, he claims to be a chief secretary in the local government office of the UK administration. He states that he checked the web for a surname similar to a deceased contractor who passed away in the UK. He claims that he saw that we share the same last name with the late African contractor. The scammer added that he wants me to be the beneficiary of GBP12, 500,000:00 (Twelve Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pound Sterling) upon finalisation of the paperwork handled by him.  

Tough luck on him and his poor scamming strategy. Maybe he needs to try again next time. Funnily, he goes on to ask several contradictory questions concerning personal details about the person whose surname he knew from the internet searches he claimed to have done and verified, linking it to the deceased’s. Verification of his mobile number +27664266733 revealed that it is a genuine Vodacom South Africa number. That further exposed his impersonation of the United Kingdom MP.

When I contacted him, this is what I got into my inbox. 

Dear Friend,

Thank you for responding to my message eventually. I know this message will be a surprise to you but I sincerely ask that you take time out to read it with a positive mind set. It is about unclaimed inheritance which I have decided to work with you on. I chose you because you have the same last name with the late contractor. My Name is Mr. Rishi Sunak. I have worked with several firms over the years. This deal is from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government here in the United Kingdom. 

As chief secretary, I have an urgent need to claim an amount which has been pre-approved for payout. The late contractor with his immediate family (wife & son) passed on in a fatal motor vehicle accident before the payment could be finalized. I have proof of this transaction which I will send to you upon receipt of your response to this message confirming your interest and willingness to be my partner on this deal. Going through his file in my custody, there was no known next of kin on record. I decided to search through with his last name via the web. Like I stated earlier, I contacted you because you bear the same last name identity with the late contractor. All documentations will be handled by me to ensure that the amount of GBP12, 500,000:00(Twelve Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pound Sterling) is remitted to you as the legitimate next of kin. I am a very honest and God fearing man who believes in hard work and diligence. 

All I have been doing all these years was to declare such funds as unclaimed to the national treasury. I am not prepared to do that anymore because I discovered recently that such funds were embezzled by corrupt officials after I have declared the funds unclaimed. This really broke my heart and I felt very stupid because I have always been in a better position to acquire such funds without any trace.

 My candid requests are:

1) Assurance that you will not turn your back on me after you have received the money.

2) I need you to assure me also that this will be kept confidential between you and I alone. This is a lifetime opportunity, it is 100% risk free. Kindly provide me with the following details to enable me commence the documentation process immediately:

1. How old are you?

2. What is your occupation?

3, Can you handle such a huge amount?

4. Are you married?

5. Contact Address:

6. Contact telephone no

7. Full names in which you want the claim documents to be acquired.

Upon receipt of the info above the documentation process in your name will commence and this transaction will be finalized within 5-7 working days. After the funds have been paid out to you. I would like us to split the funds equally 45% for you and 45% for me.10% will be donated to charity. As soon as the transaction is finalized I will take leave from work to meet with you for my share and investments. 

Please note that this transaction is known by you and I only and it must remain that way to avoid obstacles. Kindly keep it very private and confidential.

Trusting you in confidence while I await your response.

Rishi Sunak.

The only real and famous Rishi Sunak  is a British citizen. He is a United Kingdom Member of Parliament (MP) for Richmond (Yorks) and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Honourable Sunak has served the Richmond constituency since 2015. He was re-elected as MP for the same area in 2017 and 2019.

The Richmond MP does not use a Vodacom South Africa number or the e-mail purportedly used in soliciting for a fraud by the self-styled chief secretary. Honourable Sunak can be reached through his office and personal contacts that are available on official websites.

I just sent this chap another e-mail warning him that since he knows me from the web he can go ahead and fly on another flight trip above the law, trying to scam a journalist and tarnishing the image of a UK Member of Parliament for Richmond (Yorks) and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Honourable Rishi Sunak. Let’s join hands in the fight against crime.

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