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Starbucks introduces coffee beverages with olive oil in Italy

Starbucks, the largest world-wide coffee supplier, has announced the introduction of a line of drinks with added olive oil on Feb. 22. The Oleato Beverage Line was first released in Italy and will soon be available in other countries.


The Oleato line to be served in their global stores will feature a Caffe Latte steamed with oat milk, Golden Foam Cold Brew and the most loved Iced Shaken Espresso.


Additionally, there will also be a cold brew coffee that cascades through the cup gently as a smooth infusion of Partanna extra virgin oil with vanilla sweet cream froth.

The practise of ingesting a tablespoon of olive oil each day and served in a drink is common in some regions of Italy. Now with the unique addition to their menu, Starbucks management hopes to add something familiar to Italian people's mornings in 20 locations.


Their new Oleato drinks are inspired by the Mediterranean diet, which is popular in countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain and is high in olive oil. Olive oil’s monounsaturated fatty acids, which contain vitamins, minerals and polyphenols are responsible for many health advantages since its micronutrients are produced from plants.


This spring, the company also intends to integrate the olive oil into their variety of hot and iced drinks in Southern California retail locations. Later this year, the UK, Middle East and Japan are expected to follow.


Howard Schultz, the business’s CEO explained to surprised audiences that the ingredient

adds an unexpected buttery, velvety flavour which enhances the coffee and wonderfully lingers on the palate.


Schultz claimed that the line has given the brand new inspiration and that in over 40 years, he cannot recall being more enthusiastic or excited. For global customers who are sceptical about the use of olive oil in coffee, he asserts that the proof is in the cup.


While Starbucks is one of the worlds most well-known companies for coffee drinks they faced difficulties when first entering the Italian food and beverage sector. Their inability to reach Italian coffee lovers was because many coffee houses in the country are renowned for being independent and run by families.


When Starbucks announced intentions to open its first location in Italy in 2018, there were people boycotting the decision. Schultz asserted at the time that Starbucks was not coming to instruct Italians in the art of brewing coffee. But are arriving here with humility and respect to demonstrate what they have learned.


Some social media users reacted positively to the news that Domino's Pizza was departing Italy last year. Since its 2015 launch, the fast food juggernaut has had trouble attracting diners in the land where pizza was invented.


During the pandemic, it was up against more and more competition as neighbourhood restaurants joined services like Deliveroo and Just Eat that offered food delivery.


Furthermore, the love for drinking olive oil became popular when videos trended on TikTok last year, with supporters saying it had anti-inflammatory properties. The #drinkingoliveoil trend has over 11 million views with people claiming it had a variety of health benefits.

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