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Syria Denounces The Lack Of International Aid After The Earthquake


The humanitarian crisis and critical state in Syria. For years, the country has suffered strong sanctions and restrictions from other countries. The disasters caused by the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey have produced a great tide of solidarity.


More than thirty countries have organized different campaigns to bring all the essential help to the affected countries. But these countries have turned more to Turkey than to Syria. "Helicopters are not heard or anything that should be heard in an emergency," says Mateo Colmenares, a volunteer with the Salesian Missions in Aleppo (Syria), where a newborn baby was rescued alive from the ruins.


The area affected by the earthquake in Syria has been damaged for years due to intense wars, so it is necessary to unblock humanitarian aid to Syria. Besides, international organizations ask to break the blockade and economic sanctions on the country urgently.


The Syrian government denounces the little humanitarian aid it is getting after the earthquake


While emergency medical teams work tirelessly in Turkey to rescue and save survivors from the rubble, this is not the case in Syria. From the country, they communicate and denounce the lack of international troops in the region, as Mateo, a volunteer from the Salesian Missions stationed in the Syrian city of Aleppo, narrates: "Helicopters are not heard or anything that would have to be heard in case of emergency," who on the other hand has added that he realizes that Syria is isolated from the world by not receiving help.


Until today, Syria has only received aid from Russia and some religious and humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross or Red Crescent. But it is tough for them to get into the country due to the limitations, as the Christian volunteer assures, who also recounted that "financial aid comes from Lebanon. Furthermore, material aid cannot enter because of the restrictions." Like him, the Syrian government and many other voices demand the lifting of international sanctions to reach foreign aid.


In the same way, the Syrian economic situation is terrifying, so the government is not going to deal with helping its citizens, according to Mateo Colmenares. Meanwhile, the United Nations aid convoy has just crossed the border into Syria, loaded with aid for the affected citizens. Added to this is the arrival of the first shipment from the European Union, which will also help the more than five million Syrians affected by the earthquake. While waiting for international help, many affected citizens bury thousands of inhabitants who have died in common graves.


In conclusion, not only Turkey is in critical condition but also Syria. It is a reality that the country has suffered strong sanctions and restrictions from other countries for years. After the earthquake, the Syrian government denounces the lack of international aid.

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