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Tens of Thousands of People Take Part in Protests Against the Israeli Government

In Israel, tens of thousands of people hit the road in protests against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The mass fulmination occurred against Netanyahu's plans to overhaul the judiciary.


In central Tel Aviv, business leaders, tech engineers, army reservists, and students have gathered with blue and white flags among the protestors to cease Netanyahu’s nationalist coalition to outstrip the judiciary. 


Amid the surging tensions between Palestine and Israel, the protests again rose after ceasing for about a month due to mass demonstrations, escalating violence, and multiple strikes between occupied Palestinian and Israeli regions.


In Tel Aviv, protesters massed on 8 April 2023, Saturday. An Israeli officer brutally shot dead a Palestinian during the protests in occupied Palestinian territory, West Bank. The Palestinian health minister reported that in Azzun, near Qalqilyah, 20-year-old Ahmed Salim was shot in the stomach and chest. 


Israeli police have twice raided Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem recently, where thousands of people were praying in the auspicious month of Ramadan. Stones were thrown at the people in the mosque, and police forced them to come out. 


Following this event, rocket barrages in Israel by Lebanon and Israeli air attacks on Gaza and southern Lebanon also occurred. According to the Israeli military, three rockets were launched by Palestinians, which caused no damage, 


Another terrible shooting event also occurred in the occupied West Bank in which two Israeli sisters were killed, and their mother got injured. Meanwhile, hours before, an Italian man died in a car ramming with five others wounded.


Although, the Israeli government has issued warnings and employed police reservists and the army to reinforce security amid the ongoing chaos. However, the protesters say, “Government is using security as an excuse, and it is not going to stop them from taking to the streets.”


They believe that democracy in the country is under existential threat, and they have to save the democracy in Israel. About 145,000 people were expected to attend the protest.


A few months ago, a judicial proposal was given that could allow parliament to overrule the court and permit government officials with efficacious authority over the selection of Supreme Court judges. 


The demonstrators are isolating President Netanyahu, and he’s losing big time in polls. The country is facing stability and security issues due to monotonous riots. 

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