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Texas Bans Abortion Pill

In recent news, a Texas judge has banned the abortion pill Mifepristone. This drug is deemed safe by the FDA’s standards. But in recent development, Texas has ruled it as being unsafe and harmful to patients. 

The judge is stating that the FDA (The U.S Food and Drug Administration) did not adhere to regulations and rules regarding the pill that has been given to over 80,000 Texans. If the drug is suspended, it will be taken off shelves across the country. 
Texas Judge

The Biden-Harris administration says that they will be fighting this ruling in Washington. Harris states that “They will continue to stand with Women across the country”. That is why a lot of women in America resonate with her words.

But, there are a few underlining factors in the White House’s reasoning. The state of Washington has ordered a three year supply of the drug, Mifepristone. If the law passes they will be out millions of dollars. They are also afraid that this might undermine the FDA and their ruling of approved medicines.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) chimed in with some insight. Stating that the White House should ignore this ruling. Saying that the Supreme Court and Congress will get involved and do what’s right. 

AOC continues to say that the judge was appointed by The Trump administration. Finishing her thought, that he was and is under-qualified for the job. That he was only appointed to push Trumps agenda. 

Now, doing further research on the drug Mifepristone. I found that the drug was first approved in France, under the name Mifegyne. The drug was created at an institute called Roussel Laboratories, around 1989.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, they had very strict guidelines doctors and pharmacies had to abide by. These physicians had to undergo training by Roussel facilities. Patients taking the drug also had to undergo psychosocial evaluations.

Psychosocial Events

A Psychosocial evaluation is a interview process that try’s to understand social factors, individuals thoughts and behaviors. This was done to make sure the patient’s did not become depressed or suicidal.

The drug is known to cause symptoms of stress and depression, noted by Spring Link. Around 20,000 teens ranging from 14-18 have been given this drug. A normal teen struggling with puberty, will experience emotions that may not be there own.

That is the question at hand. Will this drug induce behavioral issues, apart from the issues they already face? I have known a few friends to get this procedure done and they were not given a psychosocial evaluation. 

Is it ethical to give out a pill, without studying your patient to see if this is something they are ready for? That question is up to you to decide. Everyone has a choice to make, just make sure it is the choice that is right.

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