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The Biden Administration Announces Global Relief upon Turkey Earthquakes


    Credits: Reuters Global News

In a world revolving around billions of people living in a busy country, we expect the best things to happen. For the human population, we do the best of our ability to help and protect our loved ones and those around us in our communities. Especially during times of darkness and when things become scarce when we least expect the worst. Many geographical events since the 21st century have impacted civilians in how we live in a developing world. As humans, we continue to work our best to live a better life, despite how mother nature can unexpectedly destroy people at fault in a matter of a second.


On Thursday evening, US President Joe Biden announced contributing aid for many families in Turkey and Syrian communities. He claimed an order with other partnerships to join in helping Turkish families since the Turkish earthquakes on February 6. According to Reuters, thousands of Turkish civilians are injured or unresponsive after the quake left rubble of debris on many streets and walkways. In return, the Biden administration team is helping in any way possible with its allied countries, ensuring Turkey and Syria get back on their feet. Many injured included children, the elderly, and young adults who have survived thus far. Furthermore, rescuers are also trying to locate the owners of many pets that appear under stacks of rubble.

According to his administration team, the President is sending military personnel to help rescuers at a quicker pace by rescuing residents who remain alive. In contribution, he claims to send $85 million in aid for medical supplies and shelter to Turkish and Syrian families. He adds, “Our hearts remain with the people of Türkiye and Syria.” Including with the help of many allies like Germany and many more who are part of NATO. The global organization is also taking action to bring resources and sheltering needs families and children look for to stay warm under cold temperatures. Several federal agencies include the U.S. Military, the red cross, the secretary of defense, and USAID director Samantha Power, who are to assist the leader of Türkiye. In a conference, the I.G.A. team describes sending a “Disaster Assistance Response Team,” or D.A.R.T., to thousands of people that need medical l attention. Such as medical professionals, emergency management technicians, engineers, and rescue dogs with certified rescue team personnel.


In sum, the President looks forward to helping civilians in the earthquake region and other global leaders like President Nayib Bukele, who also sent aid to the country. After approval from the U.S. Treasury Department, the President gracefully sent aid with no complications under Syrian policy. As rescue missions continue, the public has responded by making humanitarian efforts and helping the youth. The President has also hired experts in emergency flights to transport medical personnel to and from the rescue site. Equipment and other resources have been distributed to construction personnel to speed up the rescue process to find more survivors. 

International resources and those who want to contribute help for victims can visit the UNICEF website and the Red Cross .com

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