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The crimes and allegations of Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller made their first public appearance in almost two years to attend the premier of their latest movie, ‘The Flash’. Despite the numerous allegations against Miller, they were able to present the opening speech at The Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.

Substantial backlash has been placed on Warner Bros. Discovery for continuing to promote and platform Ezra Miller whilst seemingly “ignoring” their multiple allegations.


Miller has been arrested for several different crimes and has had a myriad of arrests.

The controversy surrounding Miller began to make headlines in 2020, when a video circulated showing the actor choking a woman outside of a bar in Iceland.

In early 2022, Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii for two different, but equally worrying, crimes. The first of these arrests was for disorderly conduct and assault; in this situation, Miller allegedly screamed obscenities and harassed a 23-year-old woman for singing karaoke, before lunging at a 32-year-old man who was playing darts. Regarding this incident, Miller posted a $500 bail and charges were dropped.

The second of these arrests occurred in Pāhoa, Hawaii and was for a charge of second-degree assault. In this altercation, Miller allegedly threw a chair at a 26-year-old woman after being asked to leave a social gathering; this incident led to a half-inch cut on the woman’s forehead.


Moreover, in June 2022, Miller allegedly housed a mother and her three children. Which seems like an innocent deed at first glance. However, the mother and her children were housed at a farmhouse in Vermont, regardless of the opposition from the children’s father, who claims that Miller’s actions have placed the family in danger.

Miller had met the mother during their stint in Hawaii, and decided to rehome her and her children in a farmhouse that was situated on an illegal, unlicensed marijuana farm. Furthermore, there was also an extensive collection of weaponry and guns on the property; these weapons were on-full display, unprotected, and were fully loaded.


As well as these arrests, in June 2022, Miller was accused of grooming a 12-year-old teenage girl. This teenaged girl, named Tokata Iron Eyes, ran away with Miller before the pair hid in captivity together for an extended period. The parents of the teenager filed a protection order against Miller, on their daughter’s behalf. However, this protection order has since been withdrawn.

Speaking on this issue, Tokata Iron Eyes has disputed the claims made against Miller of grooming by stating that these allegations are inaccurate. Iron Eyes has defended Miller and the actions that were taken, before asserting that: “I’m disappointed in my parents and the press in every way”.



Additionally, Miller was arrested again in August 2022 and was charged with a felony burglary. This burglary occurred in Vermont, New England, and according to the accessible police reports, Miller broke into this property and stole several bottles of liquor. Further, in January 2023, Miller pleaded guilty to trespassing at this address, and made a deal which would drop the burglary charge if Miller agreed to undergo random drug testing and sought mental-health treatment.


In August 2022, Miller issued a statement on the charges placed against them, as well as their arrests throughout the year. In this statement, Miller apologised for their behaviour and claimed that they’re “seeking treatment” for “complex mental health issues”. However, the crimes that Miller committed seemed to be blamed solely on the “intense crisis” that they were experiencing throughout 2022, and minimal accountability seems to have been taken.



Despite all the numerous allegations, charges and arrests that Miller has been faced with, the director of ‘The Flash’, Andy Muschietti, has stated that Ezra would continue to play the character of The Flash if a sequel were to be created.

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