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The Discord Leaks

How Jack Teixeira sent the US intelligence agency into a tailspin after leaking documents pertaining to the Ukraine War and what it means for the political propaganda around the war. 


Teixeira, the individual behind the leaks, was arrested Thursday 12th April after being identified as responsible for the leaks. The Washington Post reported that he allegedly shared the links for clout in his discord group, where the users were united in their “love of guns, military gear and God”. The group apparently paid little attention when the leaks were originally published in March of 2021 by a user called OG who claimed to work on an “undisclosed military base.” 


Members of the discord were apparently “enthralled by OG’s prophetic ability” citing his ability to predict important events before they played out on the world’s stage. The documents shared by OG, which is Teixeira’s Discord name, ranged from detailed charts of the Ukrainian battlefields, satellite images showing the aftermath of Russian military strikes and an eye-level shot of the Chinese spy balloon. The kind of information that only someone with special levels of clearance could have. Certain documents were labeled with the acronym NOFORN, which means Not For Foreign Nationals. It is a designation given to especially sensitive documents. 


As news reports wane on the Ukraine war in the windup to Zelenskyy’s Spring Offensive, many on the right side of the political spectrum see the leaks as proof that both the Biden administration and Zelenskyy’s statements have misconstrued the effectiveness of Ukraine’s defense. The work of the Washington Post also seems to suggest that the combined effects of being united in a “love of guns, military gear and God” as being synonymous with conspiracy theories and the undermining of government. While these interests may not be mutually exclusive with the “QAnon” and “MAGA” types, it seems the initial reporting on the Discord leaks seems to focus more on the hypothetical or potential political ideologies of the perpetrator and not on the worrying nature of the leaks themselves. 


Teixeira had no real motive behind sharing the leaks. He had nothing to gain and failed to show anything significant. Unlike the leaks of previous “whistleblowers” like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, Teixeira showed no abuses of power from the US government. Which begs the question of what did he have to gain from the leaks aside from minor praise in a small group of discord friends. They were not leaked to the press initially and instead just served as a mere bonding exercise through the later stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a worrying kind of leak because of its nature of pure detachment from the potential consequences. Teixeira wanted to be admired and his abuse of power to facilitate this admiration is more worrying than anything else. 


This also begs the question of how easy it would be for Discord to identify more breaches like this. The Washington Post commented on how normal it is for young individuals to have security clearance like this in order to carry out routine maintenance on computer programs. If Teixeira had the ability and the gall to carry out such blatant violations for clout on a minecraft server, it should worry the intelligence community that someone with loftier ambitions may be lurking under the radar. 

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