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The First January 6 Hearing Takes Place

For the past year and a half, news has been pouring in seemingly non-stop about the capital insurrection which took place on January 6, 2021. Most recently, hearings began to dissect what happened, as well as the cause. The first hearing took place on June 9 and mostly focused on former President Donald Trump’s hand in the insurrection.

As some may remember, Trump was convinced the election was “stolen”, or that immense voter fraud occurred that caused him to lose the election. The first hearing talked entirely about this, and how Trump supporters' immense belief in this led to the insurrection. His mass spreading of what would be later proved as misinformation and his anger would spread to the people who backed him, to the point that they stormed the capital on January 6th.

At the hearing, it was revealed that many close to Trump knew there hadn’t been a significant amount of voter fraud that caused him to lose the election. In fact, there was video proof of former Attorney General William Barr telling Trump directly that Biden had won fairly. Not only that, but he also told Trump “they were wasting time on that”, meaning that there wasn’t a need to try to find cases of voter fraud.

Most shocking was the video from Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. In this video, she stated that she agreed with Barr. Since many close to Trump appear to blindly support him, it was a twist to see his daughter say she accepted there was no voter fraud.

One Trump relative who was more supportive of him was Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of the former president. Many people who worked for Trump were worried about his ability to govern the country. Many took up more work in the office, and there were serious considerations of evoking the 25th amendment, which would replace him as president. Pat Cipollone, former White House Counsel, threatened to resign, but Kushner said that he “took it up as complaining”.

The first hearing revealed quite a bit with first-hand accounts and new footage, and since then two more hearings took place on June 13 and 16. Six hearings will take place in total, and all are expected to be as intriguing as the last. Hopefully, they will end peacefully in contrast to the chaotic, hurtful beginning the insurrection started with.

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