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Missing C-46 Airplane found Crashed in the Himalayas

The missing aircraft plane was found in the Himalayas nearly 80 years after it crashed with no survivors.

How was the plane identified?

A team of guides from the local Lisu ethnic group found the plane on the top of a snow-clad mountain in December 2021 and was identified by the trail number. The plane was named C-46. A deadly mission in 2018 was that after being caught up in an unusual storm in September, three Lisu members died in the same room on hyperthermia, and the other two were barely able to escape alive.

What happened to the aircraft?

The C46 transport plane was carrying 13 people from Kunming, southern China when it disappeared into the mountainous areas of Arunachal Pradesh in stormy weather in the first week of 1945.

Clayton Kuhles, a VS adventurer who led the mission at the request of the son of one of the victims of Clash said, “ this aircraft was never heard from again. It simply disappeared”. The expedition lasted several months, with Kuhles and a team of guides crossing a deep river and setting up a camp in the highlands at very low temperatures.

However, the group ultimately located the plane on a snow-clad mountain high very last month, the location they were in a function to decide the wreckage with the aid of using the tail quantity.

What is C-46?

The C46 Commando was the world's largest twin-engine aircraft on its first flight, which was longer, taller and wider than the B17 and B24. There was a pilot who said he could fly anything by flying the C46.

C-46's major contribution to World War 2:

After the Japanese closed the Straits of Burna, it was the only high-altitude large freighter available to cross the Himalayas on the "hump" route of the famous China-Burna-India Theater and carry airlift to Chiang Kai-shek's army.

But the C46 wasn't a favourite of anyone. Of the 230 commands deployed on the strike route, 31 (more than 13% of the fleet) exploded during flight. It has long been thought to be caused by drums of 55 gallons of avgas cargo. No matter how cold the eastern loading flight to China was, the C46 crew returned to India and did not touch the cockpit heater until the cabin was cleared of gas. Eventually, it was discovered that fuel from a small leak in the wing tank and fuel line had accumulated in a rooted C46 with no vents. There, drifting sparks eventually caused it.

After the war, all C-46's were modified with proper vents, sparkless fuel-boost pumps and shielded wing-area wiring.

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