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The New Disease: Monkeypox

Image Source: Premium Times Nigeria


Monkeypox is a new disease that appeared in Nigeria in 2017, quickly spreading to other African countries. There have been 31 cases of Monkeypox reported in over seven states. This includes the following: Bayelsa, Rivers, Ekiti, Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Ogun, and Cross Rivers states. However, there have been no deaths according to the NCDC chief executive Chikwe Ihekweazu. It was also said that it is not definite whether all the cases are Monkeypox, they are still currently being investigated.


This outbreak that started in Bayelsa required doctors and ten other civilians to be quarantined, so there would be no further spread of Monkeypox. Later on, the situation continued to get worse in Bayelsa as the cases increased to 13 affected by the disease. Medical professionals are still unsure of the suspected cases and test samples of the illness have been reported to be sent to World Health Organisation in Dakar to prove that it is Monkeypox.


What Do We Know So Far?

In 2022, this has spread to Europe, the USA, and Canada as reported. It is reported to be “highly unusual”. The most common occurrence of Monkeypox is a bumpy rash. However, there are two different “strains”. The Congo strain and the West African Strain. The Congo strain is more detrimental, there is only a 10% mortality in comparison to the African strain, which has a 1% fatality rate. We know so far that the cases to have been reported in the UK are that of the West African strain. Portugal has confirmed five cases, and Spain is still testing the samples for 23 Monkeypox cases.


How Does It Spread?

The disease spreads due to close contact with an infected individual or the animal itself, which in this case is a monkey. However, it has been hard to identify as all the cases reported in the UK have no relevance to one another. The first case to be reported in the UK,is the only one that has come from Nigeria. It was said that those who have caught the disease are gay or bisexual men. The stop on the ban on travel for Covid-19 has been lifted and it has caused for more spread of the disease worldwide, as many are currently travelling after being stuck at home for two years, unable to travel for joy or to see their friends and loved ones.


As experts have warned the public, it is not as serious as the Covid-19 outbreak, however it is still serious, and some attention should be paid to the disease and how to prevent it for future generations.



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