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The possibility of a third world war

The world is witnessing multiple signs of World War III as we can see. There is no sign of its end. The war between Ukraine and Russia is still going on and neither side is coming to a decision or has any desire to end it. Recently the United States and NATO are confident that Ukraine is tolerating Russia's aggression and not even its response with all the weapons that are causing significant damage to Russian forces. Thus, arms supplies as well as demand between the United States and Ukraine are increasing.

  At a recent meeting of NATO members in Europe, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that he would support Ukraine against Russian aggression. On the other hand, Russia is not sitting still. Russia is responding to every move with all its might. As Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov has talked about war exercises because they are not considering nuclear weapons at the moment, but that does not mean they will not use them if they feel the need, because it is about winning the conflict.

  These are not just words as Russia has warned Sweden and Finland to join NATO, as they could face the same consequences and use nuclear weapons. Such conversations cannot be avoided because the threat of nuclear weapons is serious. Russia is not showing any signs of conflict.

There are no signs of a nuclear attack that could be used for World War III, but these conversations should not be ignored. The situation is quite different from 1945 because Japan did not retaliate but now if the United States or Russia uses nuclear weapons retaliation will be taken and the consequences will be unmatched with any loss. European countries are concerned that the damage caused by Ukraine’s post-conflict reconstruction and protracted conflict could lead to food insecurity in Europe. So Europe needs to be very careful in its dialogue with Russia.

 Despite such conversations, there are other reasons why World War III could occur because all European countries have the same ideology as the West. Several European countries have been criticized for US intervention in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. As a result, there could be two sides, just like in the previous world war.

  Russia’s indications are that Russia is adamant in its decision and has no regrets because they have succeeded in Ukraine’s NATO membership, and now Russia is also claiming Ukraine’s territory. Now Russia’s main agenda can be identified that Russia wants to annex Ukraine to its territory. It is triggering an ideological issue with NATO and the United States because it would establish Russia as a hegemony. Both sides need to be extremely careful because the war ended with only a lot of people and property damage. In the light of all the consequences, the dialogue must be subject to discussion with both sides.

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