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The story of Wadachi Wadi road, Pune  :  A real example of sincerity for stray dogs.

Have you ever fed a stray / street dog? If yes here's a small story from the daily life of Wadachi Wadi Road, Undri- Pune, that can convey a sense of sincerity.

The people living in Wadachi Wadi road have been feeding the stray dogs with perfect sincerity. None is leaning or waiting for someone to bring food/water, none is doing any favor to someone, none is boasting about feeding the stray dogs. This is the story of the locality where stray dogs are provided with clean containers, drinking water, and food without any drive or projects- just with the consciousness of the local folks. 

One of the residents nearby said that "It's hard to feed the dogs during such intense pandemic then lockdown after lockdown but the locality has been unconsciously unified when it comes to feeding the street dog". 

Indeed dogs can be part of abusive or accidental injuries while roaming for the search of food and water, the people of the locality ensure that the containers are not empty and the dogs are healthy. 

One of the attested responded that,"There are surely many mature and sensible people who leave food for the street dogs on the containers and provide water to the dogs, I am proudly one of them."

The lockdown has severely affected the stray dogs and animals on-street, their health weakened without proper nutrition, dehydration is always a factor plus the unsafe roads and shelterless animals encounter a lot of difficulties. The local folks of Wadachi wadi road realized the need for activeness and timeliness required to provide the stray dogs with food - water (most possibly during evenings) and kept an active check on the stray dogs. The other areas near Undri are also partially active for feeding the strays but Wadachi Wadi Road sets an instance of sincerity and oblivious integrity. 

You can also be the one to feed or assist the stray dog or animal! Just ensure whether the dogs or animals in your locality are safe or not, ask people to feed them with you or provide them water, shelter, whatever possible. If you live in Pune you can also contact several centers or activists for help. Pune has numerous animal activist sites and communities working specially for stray dogs, some major is - Karma foundation (083909 44337), RESQ charitable trust ( 098909 99111), Jeevraksha animal shelter, Office of Animal Husbandry, Pune ( 020 2565 4144), and many more. Some active projects and volunteers are also feeding stray dogs/ animals. 

( Picture credits : Pratiksha Nikam, Location -Undri -Pune ) 


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