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The Trend of Criminals Targeting Delivery Services


Criminals, like any thriving enterprise, must be innovative to remain in business. As such, Fidelity ADT, a reputable security company has issued a warning to South Africans, have begun to alert civilians to a new trend of criminal behaviour. The security group informed its members and the wider public of an increasing number of residents and delivery drivers being held up by criminals trying to get a quick score. 


Criminals are particularly targeting food delivery services, which make for easy targets. Indeed, many concerned community members have detailed to Fidelity how they had either been victims of this crime or witnessed it. In a statement,the security company outlined the criminals operating methods,“As a resident goes outside to collect their order, the criminals exit their vehicle, take away the keys from the delivery driver and steal their cell phone,” it said. Although delivery drivers have been the most affected by this type of crime, the people who are receiving the delivery are also targets and should remain on guard


To stave off these criminals, residents have been urged to make use of their panic buttons. They are advised to carry portable panic buttons with them whenever they must go outside to receive an order or parcel. Residents are encouraged to attach these buttons to their car or house keys for easy accessibility. It is also important that they ensure that their panic buttons are in working condition, regularly checking them for any defects, so when the time comes to use them, they are in working order. 


To minimise the possibility of being victims of this crime, Fidelity has drawn up a strategy that residents should follow to stay safe. 

● Refrain from opening the gate, even when expecting a delivery. Rather, retrieve the delivery from inside the gate where possible. If that is not possible, residents must check their surroundings to be cautious of suspicious activity before collecting their delivery. 

● Install a second security measure such as a security gate with an intercom at the front door. This serves as another barrier and in the event of an emergency can buy you time to call the authorities or security company. 

● Make sure the area outside your driveway and outside is well-lit. This will be to the benefit of the delivery driver and the person receiving the delivery. Carry a torch for extra visibility. 

● Lastly, parents should keep children inside the house when retrieving their delivery. This is to ensure the children's safety. 


Criminals are becoming more opportunistic and daring. It is the responsibility of homeowners to take proactive steps to ensure their safety and remain vigilant.

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