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Tina Turner: The Legacy of the Queen of Rock N’ Roll

Days are mostly defined by what happens as the hours tick on around us from morning to night. Maybe you worked, or had lunch with a friend you hadn’t seen in forever. Maybe a new episode of your favorite show comes out, or you are anxiously awaiting a night out whether it be with friends, new adventure, or a concert. 


There were days that thousands of people would put on their calendars as they told everyone they knew that they were seeing THE Tina Turner live at some point in the days that surrounded their life. Tina Turner had the full ability to change the outlook people would have on a day of their life because they knew she would be a part of it, even if it was only for a few hours. 


That is the power of not only music, but of the late Tina Turner, also known as Anna Mae Bullock. The “What’s Love Got to Do With it” artist was born on May 24, 1939 and from an astrological point of view, lived out her years on earth as a full-hearted Gemini. She lived her young teenage years in St. Louis, Missouri, as she lived with her family who worked in sharecropping. Before she grew into fame, Tina spent most of her days being drawn to the rhythm and blues scene that surrounded her Missouri life. Turner had an undeniable connection with everything that revolved around music, and that led her to countless days full of exactly that. Music was in her blood and the world was ready for everything Tina Turner had to offer. 


In 1956, when Tina was 17 years old, she met Ike Turner (her future husband), as he performed with his band to a crowd that Tina was a part of. Before she knew it, the days passed, and she was right next to Ike on the stage, singing to a crowd, being on the other side of an experience that she had fallen in love with years before. 


By the year 1962, Tina and Ike said “I do”, and hit single after hit single was placed in the hands of thousands of people, and everyone was drawn to the words that were being sang, like it was made just for them. “A Fool in Love” became largely known, and Tina was finally beginning to give others the opportunity to connect to music in the way that she had always been, while letting people see the power music could have on all of our days. 


The couple and band partners in 1977 had decided it was time for a divorce, when Ike Turner claimed his truth that they were never actually legal married by law. By 1978, Tina had finally gotten the divorce she had been needing to let go of Ike, and the alleged years of physical abuse and infidelity that she had gone through, was finally over. 


In 1984, about six year from the divorce, and spending most of her days healing and doing guest appearances on other artists albums, Tina was ready to announce her own album, highlighting who she was on her own, especially after the divorce that has been filling the news years before. 


“What’s Love Got to Do With It” became her signature song that everyone knew the queen of Rock n’ Roll from, and she sold over 20 million copies in her album, winning multiple Grammys. This was Tina’s way of showing the world how much more she had to offer and that her days were meant to be decided by how she wanted to live her life, and not what others wanted for her. 


She grew into who she wanted to be, and began making decisions for herself, like becoming a full citizen of Switzerland and writing two different novels to highlight the story of her life and how you can decide your own happiness. Her autobiography even became adapted into a film in 1993, and as time went on Turner gained countless awards for her success in the music industry as a solo artist in Rock n’ Roll. 


Tina Turner, did end up remarrying in 2013, to a German music executive named Erwin Bac, and lived the rest of her days trying to find peace in the rest of her days that encapsulated the singer/songwriter’s days on this earth. After decades of learning who she was, having to deal with an abusive ex husband, and finding her place in not only the music industry but in a society that didn’t favor women, she still spent her final days on this earth having a positive outlook on the life that she lived.  


We see this in her quote from an interview with Marie Claire in 2018 when she thought back on her life and said truthfully, “People think my life has been tough, but I think it's been a wonderful journey. The older you get, the more you realize it's not what happened, it's how you deal with it”. 


Tina was an amazing woman, who not only changed the music industry, but hundreds of thousands of people’s days, and will forever be missed and remembered as people will continue to connect with the power of her music, and the legacy that will remain for countless days to come. Rest in peace Tina, the world will continue to sing for you. 



Edited By: Youssef Eljarray

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