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To Overcome all The Challenges, a Specially-Abled Man From Kolkata Opens His PR

Sumit Agarwal, based in Kolkata, began to wonder about his truth as he sat in a classroom among his peers. The young man often wondered why people avoided him and why he could not play sports like basketball.

It was previously reported that Sumit was born with cerebral palsy (CP), a disease inherited from the nervous system that causes impaired motor skills, strong or weak muscles, and convulsions, which can make easy movements difficult and minor tasks difficult.

However, he was still struggling with it and wanted solutions.

Eventually, he stopped worrying about his disability as he grew older and understood it better. Although inexperienced, she believed that she had all the skills needed to achieve her dreams. In his view, what people say about him as being "crippled" was wrong.

In his early 20's, he learned the difference between the ignorant and the arrogant. So, no matter what a 29-year-old boy does if he can't find a place to park for the disabled in the mall, he doesn't have to deal with a security guard, because the system needs to be changed. Although she does not like being compared to other disabled people, she is not afraid to reprimand them.

Sumit Agarwal says of his struggles, "I have undergone four operations and 70% of my organization is banned. Reduced mobility, muscle strength, and slower speech are some of the inevitable challenges that I have to overcome. But this does not bother me. What affects me the most is the behaviour of people and the ineffectiveness of ongoing disability laws. The biggest example was the rejection of the six jobs I got. I had to open my own company to turn down and become an activist. "

He runs his own public relations (PR) company today and manages 300 projects, including media releases and awareness events.

His membership and collaborations include Rotary International, Newspapers Association of India (NAI), Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), and the International Human Rights Organization (IHRO).

In addition, he talks about the role his parents played in helping him to see his worth. It is probably because of this that he was able to make friends and participate in college activities even though he was experiencing bullying at school. The same reason led him to the PR sector.

Sumit’s parents came from a generation where disability meant that you could not do certain things, or worse, that you were wrong. Disability rights have not been promoted or protected by people with special needs.

It was a blessing for his parents, however, it enabled them to take better care of their son. His mother quit her law firm job to help him.

"There is a long way to go before the corporate world can fully understand the meaning of inclusiveness. I would not allow their ignorance to break my spirit. I have built contacts and networks throughout my college and university. After-school activities also helped me connect with people, including members of the Rotary Club. It was my time to bring grassroots change and use my problem-solving situation to please clients. In 2017, I officially launched PR Signal," said Sumit.

His early days were marked by obstacles as he faced some difficulties. Several clients rejected him because they did not believe he could do the job. Still, he believed in moving forward. Gradually, he created a portfolio of clients and events, including DigiAbility 2018, TiECON 2018, Siege Now Art & Wine Carnival, Elite Conclave Launch Party, and Inclov Social Spaces. Among his non-profit experiences are the Kalyani Life Institute, Shishur Sevay, and the Artemis Fountain Foundation. In addition to his public relations work, he has managed the information of clients such as Sandeep Marwah, founder of Noida Film City.

Sumit aims to end discrimination against people with disabilities through his company.

When asked how the community can be more inclusive of people with disabilities, Sumit answered, "We need to go beyond the token and just spread awareness. We need a monitoring and evaluation system to monitor whether companies and educational institutions are complying with the rules. Build infrastructure to help people with disabilities to move around. There is a lot of untapped talent. We are more tolerant and tolerant than we believe, as we have been gaining life since we were children. "

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