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Tory MP criticised for calling immigrant populated areas ‘Ghettos’

Nick Fletcher MP for Doncaster is in hot water over his comments on immigration. During a discussion on the plan to send all asylum seekers to Rwanda, Fletcher went on a lengthy anti-immigration rant even blaming long A&E waits on non-English speakers.

Mr Fletcher began his statements by reminding those present that his constituency is ‘full’ and therefore unable to take in any more immigrants. Fletcher even went on to denounce pro-immigration MPs condemning them for “burying your heads in the sand because you’re trying to make yourself look good in front of people to get votes”.

In Westminster, on Tuesday Fletcher told members of parliament “It’s happening in Doncaster and it’s happening in places throughout this country, and we are turning parts of our community into a ghetto, and this is what is happening,”

This statement was not well received in the House of Commons, SNP MP Joanna Cherry, was amongst those who were taken aback by Fletcher's comments. Cherry compared the remarks to those of Enoch Powells. The conservative MP's ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech was said to have fuelled violence towards British South Asians in the late 60’s.

Cherry said in the House of Commons she felt she had been “sucked back in time to listen to Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech again.”

She added “The member who has just spoken needs to inform his constituents the reason they live in the sort of conditions he describes and the reason they have such low wages is not because of immigration, but because of more than 10 years of Tory government,”

Circling back to his beliefs on immigration Fletcher went on to paint a scenario that encapsulates his issues with immigration he said “Your child falls over in the street and you have to go to A&E and you get a 12-hour waiting list and the reason why the waiting lists are so long is because people don’t speak English in these places anymore and this is what is happening.”

He then added, “You then go to the schools and the classes are oversized and this is what’s happening.”

Mr Fletcher's comments were not taken lightly, many in the Commons verbally opposed his statements. Fletcher was unmoved saying “You can shout me down, you can say what you want, I really don’t care, but this is what’s happening and we have to tackle this illegal immigration and this immigration because it is not fair.”

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