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Ukraine-Russia War: Keeping up with the Atrocities

A video has circulated online that allegedly shows Russian soldiers filming themselves killing a prisoner of war. This video was posted on social media, showing a uniformed man beheading another man. The victim of this video was seen wearing a yellow armband, which is commonly used by Ukrainian soldiers. However, Reuters could not verify the authenticity of this video.

Responding to this viral video, Dmitro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, said, "It’s absurd that Russia, which is worse than ISIS, is presiding over the UNSC." It is worth mentioning that Russia has held the UN Security Council (UNSC) since April 2023. Furthermore, according to the Independent, Kuleba stated that Russian terrorists need to be removed from Ukraine and the UN, and held accountable for crimes committed.


After this video circulated, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, recorded a video message in response to this crime. In this message, Zelensky stated that "There is something that no one in the world can ignore: how easily these beasts kill." Zelensky also stressed the importance of legal responsibility and accountability, claiming that "the defeat of terror is necessary."


This video leak came after news of two Americans being detained in Russia. The Americans in question are Evan Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal reporter, and Paul Whelan, an ex-Marine. The US hostage chief has pledged to bring these men back to the USA and has requested Moscow grant consular access to the Wall Street Journal reporter.

Since then, Roger Carstens, a US special presidential envoy, went on CNN and said, "The president of the United States and the secretary are committed to bringing Evan home and Paul Whelan as well. And we’re gonna find whatever it takes to get that job done." In addition, the White House has requested frequent and routine visitations with Evan Gershkovich, the journalist currently detained in Russia.

Furthermore, on Monday, 17th April, 2023, Lynne Tracy, the US Ambassador, was granted access to visit Gershkovich. He decided to tweet regarding his visitation, claiming that this is the first visitation with Gershkovich at Lefortovo Prison since his "wrongful detention" over a fortnight ago. According to CNN, it currently appears that the reporter is in relatively good health and high spirits, and that the White House Administration is keen for "consular" access to Gershkovich.


On the same day, a press conference was held between the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and the Brazilian Foreign Minister, Mauro Vieira. This joint news conference was held at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia.

During this conference, Lavrov was very appreciative of the "excellent understanding" possessed by his Brazilian colleagues regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine. He also expressed his gratitude towards his Brazilian counterpart, stating that Brazil contributed to the search for possible solutions to this conflict.


Moreover, he continued by saying that Russia is "interested" in ending the conflict and war with Ukraine "as soon as possible." Despite the positive implications of the speech that Lavrov delivered, an end to the conflict is yet to be determined. This quotation delivered by Lavrov is apt when considering Ukraine’s repeated claims that "peace in the conflict will only be achieved if Russia restores the country's borders and Kyiv takes back Crimea." (CNN).

Regardless of ongoing talks about ending the war between Russia and Ukraine, no definitive action has been taken. Many parts of the world remain in political unrest and turmoil whilst this action remains discussed.


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine started in February 2014, with Russia invading Ukraine 8 years later in February 2022. Despite the years of conflict already, the war between these two countries doesn’t seem to be ending.

In honour of those who have experienced loss due to this war, several live statistics about the damage created by this ongoing conflict have been listed. These statistics have been obtained from Reuters and include:

      Around 42,295 deaths

      At least 59,244 non-fatal injuries

      At least 15,000 people are missing.

      Approximately 14 million people were displaced.

      At least 140,000 buildings were destroyed.

      Approximately $411 billion in damages (USD)


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