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Unruly Passenger Wishes Death On Airplane Passengers

A flight taking off from Las Vegas took a dangerous turn on Sunday when a woman was kicked off the flight and wished death upon everyone else. The video was posted to the social media site “Tik-Tok,” where it went viral and gained millions of views.


I hope you crash and die, she said.


Many passengers reacted negatively to the woman’s outbursts, with one passenger even referring to her as a “bitch” and booing her. The woman responded and said, “boo you bitch!” 


It is still unclear why the woman was removed from the flight, but what is certain is the crew did not take kindly to the woman’s outburst, especially the captain. They are shown in the video exiting the plane with the unruly passenger to most likely ensure she is arrested. 


Causing a disturbance on an airplane is a federal offense and can cause you to get arrested. While it is undecided if the woman will be charged with this offense, she isn’t the only passenger to become belligerent during flights in recent months.


Six days ago, “The New York Post” reported that another woman in Australia was removed from a “Jetstar” flight after excessively drinking alcohol.


The woman had been obnoxious toward other passengers and crew, which caused them to call the Federal Police of Australia. 


She is from the Australian village “Lennox Head,” and the flight she was on was traveling to Melbourne.


Incidents of people becoming angrier during flights have been happening for a long time, but researchers have noticed an increase in the number of instances since the COVID-19 pandemic began. A Harvard psychologist, Marques, explained that the pandemic has made people more stressed and angry despite life returning to normal.


She stated that "when we're anxious, our lenses are distorted. We tend to magnify or 'catastrophize, widen our lenses and try to collect more data that tends to also cool off the brain a little bit." 


Since the beginning of 2021, over 2,500 incidents of people acting up mid-flight. 


One of the most well-known examples of unruly behavior on airplanes in recent years is the college student who was duck-tapped to his seat. The college student's name is twenty-two-year-old Maxwell Berry.  The incident went viral online, with many people being taken aback by Berry’s brazenness and entitlement regarding the treatment of the airplane staff.


Berry was accused of groping a flight attendant, and after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, he became violent and started physically assaulting the crew. The crew then decided to duck-tape Berry to his seat, which many passengers aboard the plane filmed. He was eventually charged with three counts of battery and sentenced to serve 60 days. 

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