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U.S. and China: A Transformative Relationship with a Virtual Outcome to some extent

In US-China discussions, Biden and Xi emphasize cooperation.

Virtual negotiations between the two giants, China and the United States of America, took place over a few hours on November 16, 2021. The initial aim of the virtual talks was to ease tensions between the two countries. The main issues revolved around the human rights violation and genocide of the Uyghurs (an ethnic Muslim minority community in China), climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic, and Taiwan. Tracing the origins of the novel coronavirus was taken into account to some level.  Both the Presidents also talked about the military and economy-related tensions.

The issue of China crossing the Taiwanese Red Line and attempting to capture Taiwan was raised at the Summit. Joe Biden, the U.S. President, emphasized the one-China policy and affirmed to intervene if military force was used to capture Taiwan. The U.S. President also tried discussing the practices undertaken by China in the Xinjiang province. He also emphasized not getting involved in a conflict, intended or unintended. During the virtual conversation, Xi Jinping hailed Joe Biden as "an old friend," emphasizing their friendly relationship and the need for working together.

Another point of emphasis was that of respecting both countries, their allies, and their values. The urge to coexist in peace was at the forefront. The leaders of China and the U.S. pledged to practice cooperation. U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are planning to take active steps to improve their relations and live up to the expectations of the global community.

To conclude, discussions related to several crucial recent developments took place amongst both the leaders. While China's relationship with the world is deteriorating due to multiple issues, the most prominent one being the COVID-19 pandemic which kicked off in Wuhan, the pandemic's epicentre in China before the virus spread rapidly across the globe.

Writing of the U.S. and China virtual talks, there's still time to wait and watch how this relationship between China and the U.S. works out soon. This virtual conference is just the beginning, and all we can do right now is wait for the reality to unfold before our eyes.

What's your opinion on the statements issued by the Chinese Government related to violence in Xinjiang or the birthplace of the deadly coronavirus amidst the U.S. - China talks?

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