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U.S. authorities Introduce the “March on Crime” Initiative for the 39th Year


Photo credit: Senator Cornyn

Since the start of the pandemic, many tragic things have changed during the past three years. Many issues like law enforcement, mental health, and a short supply of products played an important factor for many businesses and consumers worldwide. One of the biggest problems is that criminal activity was drastically rising at the beginning of the pandemic, especially in the United States in 2020. Every day our law enforcement creates protocols and new strategies to help keep civilians safe in a crime-free environment. In a world where violence occurs every day, it brings a lot of fear and terror for civilians, for people who are parents, and in low-income communities. One way law enforcement prevents criminal activities is by creating a defensive proposal, “March on Crime” or “Lucha Contra El Crimen" that will protect residents under present violent crimes even during severe criminal emergencies in Texas. Local politicians also do their best to take part in protecting their people from harm and natural disasters.


In present-day America, things have improved in our society since congress has run a government under a new presidency. Local communities and residents have taken a stand to speak in their defense along with their state reps making sure their voice gets heard. Many concurring events happened before the U.S. elected a new presidential candidate during the pandemic. In the 2020 presidential race, much unlawful corruption occurred even when President Trump ran inside the White House. One of the first problems citizens faced was fear of food insecurity and fighting over the last item in stock on the grocery shelf. People even feared the insecurity of having their mail stolen while working remotely from home or in the office. Minority groups became anxious about driving on the streets for weekly errands or family trips and feared police officers would pull them over. For many,  criminal violence was becoming more of a global problem than a local issue daily.


Suddenly, after the president ended the national pandemic shutdown, citizens around the country began to see some relief but still feared the risks it would bring to their health. Especially after the sudden Floyd case, it virally moved people around the globe but raged U.S. citizens from other states to do the opposite. Many people marched in protest against police brutality while others created violent chaos destroying private and commercial businesses and leaving merch unsalvageable. It implemented Houston officials and the mayor of Houston to use the “March on Crime” Initiative in the city. Since Floyd was a Houstonian, he ordered Houston residents to keep composure and march for justice in a calm-paced way. The “March On Crime” campaign began in the early 1980s to bring people in the community and leaders to join to make the city a safer place away from domestic situations and help reduce the numbers of criminal activity. As of today, this initiative continues every year to increase crime prevention by supporting efforts from the media and local civilians.


In an HPD press briefing, many officials, the Houston mayor, and elected council leaders shared details regarding this motive and the tasks they plan to keep the city more secure. Those in attendance were Mayor Sylvester Turner, Houston Chief officer TroyFinner, District attorneys like Ruben Perez, and Sheriff Ed Gonzales. One of the most current issues in crime prevention is having the support from everyone to unite as a community so officers can solve crimes with easy effort. The more people that witness a crime, the better. In a world of criminal violence, some issues still concern the public’s interest. One of them is women under harm from domestic violence and rape incidents. Since homicide rates are slowly decreasing, the numbers of women in domestic crimes at home continue to rise.


Media credit: HPD

 In the past 3 years, crime was at an all-time high in Texas and nationally after so many reported shootings in the southern region. It was when Texas Senator John Cornyn acted on creating a new law against criminal violence for the state of Texas. In credit to Senator Cornyn, the mayor adds, “I met with the Senator and four other community leaders to discuss Cornyn’s law enforcement De-escalation Training Act.” In gratitude for the law enforcement efforts on their work, “I want to thank the community because these events and this initiative would not be possible without their support,” Turner said. Before ending the press briefing, Finner adds, “We all work together as one law enforcement family, and I’m very proud of that.” In making things possible, law enforcement districts around Houston and Texas strive to keep crime rates low and help educate citizens on crime prevention.


In sum, criminal violence occurs around us anywhere we go and within places, we live in. Ways that we  prevent violence, is by reporting it first to the authorities or a close family member. Many people who are part of law enforcement work hard to protect civilians and to make the world a better place so the young and elderly can feel safe in our communities.

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