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U.S. Military Kills Seven Al-Shabaab Terrorists In Somalia

The U.S. Military conducted a military operation in Somalia on Tuesday, which resulted in the death of seven al-Shabaab terrorists. Military officials labeled this operation as a “self-defense strike.”


United States Africa Command, AFRICOM, is the branch of the U.S. military responsible for operations in Africa. AFRICOM revealed what happened during the operation on Wednesday, claiming that Somalian government officials requested assistance.


It is estimated that up to seven fighters were taken out in the strike and that no civilian casualties were said to have resulted. 


It wasn’t the only military operation that was conducted by the U.S. military in Somalia this month either, they conducted another strike in which seventeen al-Shabaab militants were have said to have been killed.


Bringing the total number of military operations in Somalia to six, one of the most well-known happened in January, killing an ISIS leader, Bilal al-Sudani.


The United States military is the leader of a coalition of countries currently operating in Somalia in order to help the government push back the Islamic terrorists. Since last summer, according to AFRICOM, over seventy towns throughout the country have been freed from al-Shabaab. 


United States representative at the United Nations, Linda-Thomas-Greenfield, spoke on Tuesday to talk about the operation. She noted all the great progress the military has made in Somalia and credited the Somalian security forces and the army. 


She continued by talking about how the job was not finished yet and how crucial it was for American and Somolian forces to continue pushing into southern Somalia. “Delivering timely and balanced stabilization interventions to newly liberated territory is imperative to bring security and relief to the Somali people in these areas.”


Al-Shabab is the largest and most dangerous al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group in the world, according to the U.S. military.


During his time as President of the United States, Donald Trump had pulled troops out of Somalia, but since President Biden has taken office, he has reversed this order. 


While the United States is not officially at war with Somalia or al-Shabbab, many consider these military operations to be a part of the much larger “war on terror.”

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