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What is China’s New Foreign Policy Law?


The Chinese government is implementing a new law that took effect on July 1st, 2023. The law gives the Chinese Communist Party extensive powers concerning foreign relations. From now on, the party can authorize 'countermeasures' on perceived harmful actions. The Chinese Parliament passed the law, and the state media published the first draft. It outlines violating international law and threatening China's sovereignty as punishable. Other actions derailing China's political and economic interests and stalling its developmental projects are offenses under the law.


The Chairman of the CCP, Zhao Leji, proposed this law to the Parliament. Mr. Leji rose to prominence after being appointed the Chairman and rose to the pinnacle of power. After attending Beijing University, he joined the CCP in 1975. The Parliament unanimously appointed the former anti-corruption officer to his new role. According to Zhao Leji, this new law is of "great significance." He stated that the law would safeguard China and signify national rejuvenation. It affirms President Xi's curated foreign policy initiatives apart from bolstering national security. It outlines that The CCP  will retain control over all foreign relations issues.


The law is divided into five segments. Each segment defines the path of China's foreign policy. The first segment mentions the Marxist-Lenninst approach to Chinese politics. This segment discusses China's opposition to 'world hegemony and power politics.' The outlook is multipolar. The second segment discusses the domestic construct of China. It declares that the Standing Committee of the CCP is authorized to decide on foreign relations. Chapters three and four combined discuss China's future in foreign relations. The law stresses that loans given to other countries should not be tied to political conditions, and China will not interfere in internal matters. The fifth segment describes 'Foreign Relations Guarantees.' It is an official confirmation of China's financial commitments to foreign relations.


The law's economic angle comprises articles 32 and 33, which state that if other nations and trade organizations, particularly the USA and European Union, impose unfair tariffs and trade rules, China will retaliate with countermeasures. The Global Times is an English-language Chinese newspaper that describes the law as a critical step to enrich the legal toolbox against Western hegemony. In a BBC article, various experts in Chinese foreign policy predict the effect and the underlying motivations behind the law. Dr. Chong Ja-Ian, a scholar at Carnegie China, told the BBC that the law is China's intention to include coerce and pressure in foreign policy directives. In May, China banned Micron products, an American chip manufacturing company.


Political experts are divided on China's approach to international relations. The new foreign policy law steers towards a multipolar system, yet China seeks to dominate the global supply chain and control the semiconductor and chip manufacturing outlets. The duality in global governance behavior and collaboration with fellow authoritarian governments projects China in a negative light. China's approach to human rights and citizen privacy issues is regularly questioned worldwide. The policies of President Xi will dictate the future path of China's foreign policy.

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