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What Is The Relationship Between The “War On Terror” And Events In Afghanistan And Iraq?

To start, the war on terror and the events in Afghanistan and Iraq have a close relationship, so after the 9/11 events, there was a shift in US policy on Iraq.

The essence of this shift lies in the retreat from the containment and deterrence policies practiced by the United States since the Cold War and extending beyond the second Gulf War in 1991 towards intrusive, offensive policies aimed at toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq and replacing him with a US ally regime that meets Washington’s demands in Depict it to arrange the conditions of the region as a whole.

The United States has taken advantage of the climate created by the events of September 11th inside and outside the United States to adopt military interventionist policies abroad in its war against terrorism in Afghanistan and elsewhere, as well as at home in the establishment of an integrated security system, the creation of a Ministry of National Security, and the rise and maintenance of the conservative and militant current Take charge of internal matters.

However, this view remains limited to understanding this shift because policies in the United States do not improvisation but rather an extension and development of existing policies and an expression of consistent strategic interests.

Therefore, reviewing the previous policies towards Iraq, especially in light of its failure to produce the desired goals of the United States, then the importance of Iraq, its resources, and its regional location, especially oil, in addition to the connection of the issue of the arrangement of Iraq with the performance of the region’s situations in general, and the Arab-Israeli conflict in particular, are all goals Fixed to the United States of America.

In all these wars, and especially in the events of Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States of America has claimed that it is waging war against countries that threaten its security and interest, so America attacked Iraq to get rid of Osama bin Laden, the first responsible for the events of 11th of September.

Adding to this, On September 20, British and American planes launched air strikes on Iraq's ground defense sites in southern Iraq.

US officials were quoted as saying that Saddam Hussein had contacted Osama bin Laden days before the September 11 attack.

On October 1, Jordan's King Abdullah bin Hussein announced that President George W. Bush had promised not to attack Iraq in response to the September 11 attacks.

On October 9th, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld threatened to attack Iraq if it was proved that he had anything to do with the phenomenon of the spread of the anthrax virus (the use of biological weapons).

And when there was no convincing evidence of Iraq’s involvement and connection with the events of September 11 or al-Qaeda, and because public opinion in the United States, Europe, and the world was not convinced, let alone the Arab world, with these arguments, the neoconservatives in the American administration moved to a new statement on November 19 of the past year, which is Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

President Bush's statements have since begun focused on Iraq and the need for the inspectors to return to Iraq.

Britain participated in this campaign through its Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. In his address to the nation on January 29 this year, President Bush listed Iraq with Iran, North Korea, and Syria in what he called the "axis of evil" that seeks to possess weapons of mass destruction.

The United States has begun preparing for the war in Iraq since that time with broad propaganda campaigns and military-political tours, assisted by Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, who has turned to be President Bush's special envoy to Russia and European and Arab countries.

And the reports of the strategic institutes on Iraq began to amplify the Iraqi threat. The British government used the words of human rights organizations politically to serve the American purpose of justifying targeting Iraq now.

The American and British newspapers spoke about democracy, human rights, and liberating the Iraqi people from the oppression and domination they endured.

Finally, we can say that the events of 9/11 were a terrorist act and that Osama bin Laden was the first and last accused in this case, and since Bin Laden was in Afghanistan. Therefore America considered that it must invade Iraq to get rid of the terrorists, and since America accused Saddam Hussein communicated with Bin Laden before the September 11 bombing, the United States of America said that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Therefore, it also deliberately invaded Iraq, and by this, we can say that the relationship between “war on terror” and events in Afghanistan and Iraq are related to each other.


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