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When Arvind Kejriwal raises concerns about the central government's budget, the foreign minister responds by saying that he is trying to stir up "worry...fear."

 Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman responded to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's criticism of Central Government finances by saying that spending on health and education has never been viewed as "freebies from political parties." This came hours after Kejriwal had questioned the Central Government's financial stability by citing its opposition to such freebies.


Kejriwal, speaking at a press conference in Delhi, stated, "For the past several days, the manner free services given to the public are being challenged is very perplexing." Supposedly, if this doesn't stop, all of the governments in the country will have to declare bankruptcy. They're claiming it will cause a crisis unless all related services are suspended immediately. This also raises concerns about the Federal Government's fiscal health. Against such a formidable foe, I have to worry if it's in poor shape.


He made the statement, "For the previous seventy-five years, children have had free education in government schools and the needy have had free medication in government hospitals. People also receive free rations. What changed suddenly to cause this uproar over reducing these public benefits? I pray and hope that our federal government is well-organized and fiscally responsible.



Sitharaman told reporters, "The Delhi Chief Minister has given a perverted twist to the argument on freebies." She then called for a "serious debate" on the matter. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and health care and education have never been considered such. Their existence has never been denied by any Indian government. Kejriwal is aiming to instil a sense of dread and terror in the minds of the poor by labelling education and healthcare as freebies.


Kejriwal, who has been criticized for implementing policies like providing free power in Delhi and Punjab, has also questioned the necessity of implementing the Agnipath scheme for military recruiting.


There were rumours that the Central Government was struggling to pay for the rising cost of soldiers' pensions, prompting the introduction of this system. He then noted that this was the first time a Central Government has made such a statement since independence.


"Through MGNREGA, the Central Government used to give 100 days of guaranteed employment to the poorest," the Chief Minister of Delhi added, referring to the rural employment guarantee scheme. Now they claim they can't keep MGNREGA operating because of a lack of money. The amount of money set aside for that program has been cut by a quarter compared to last year

He further claimed that the "very rich and enormous companies" were given tax breaks using public funds, while the poor were forced to pay more for the "food items used by the poor" due to higher prices

The Supreme Court is currently hearing an argument against political parties' campaign promises of free stuff. According to a statement released by the commission on Wednesday, it "may not be suitable" for the Elections Commission to participate in a committee formed by the Supreme Court to explore ways to deal with the issue because of the commission's status as a constitutional body.




Check out |My subsidized, your revised: The Prime Minister has initiated a vital dialogue between the general public and their elected representatives on the topic of excessive spending.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had accused political rivals of offering goodies to win votes last month. He called the practice of handing out free items a "revdi culture" and warned that it was "extremely dangerous" for the progress and safety of the country.

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