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When will Colleen Ballinger respond to the backlash?

Colleen Ballinger, also known as her alter-ego Miranda Sings, is currently in hot water after allegations have resurfaced.


In 2020, the Youtuber Adam McIntyre posted a video exposing the behaviour that Ballinger involved him in and facilitated. At the time, Ballinger came out with an apology video approximately two weeks later, as an attempt to discredit McIntyre. McIntyre, who was a teenager throughout most of their interactions (and 17-years-old when he posted the 2020 video), was branded as a liar and was almost cancelled in response to her ‘debunking’ video. Most of the allegations that McIntyre made have been ignored for the past three years. That was until other people emerged to corroborate his allegations.


However, in the past week, several ex-fans of Youtuber have emerged with their stories of inappropriate behaviour, conversations, and treatment. Ballinger has since been accused of ‘Grooming’ many of her young, impressionable fans.


Ballinger, aged 36, has fallen under scrutiny for not only previous comments and videos on the internet, but also due to her treatment of young fans. Ballinger has been accused of using these young, impressionable fans for their research, assistance, and general unpaid labour.


As previously mentioned, Adam McIntyre was previously a super-fan of Ballinger/Sings but has now come out with another video exposing the truth of the situation.

McIntyre, who is now 20 years old, had a relationship with Ballinger from the age of 13 (in 2016).

In McIntyre’s video, several screenshots of group chats and private conversations are revealed, and these screenshots vindicate Ballinger in several crimes. These messages that were revealed show: Ballinger asking McIntyre (who was underaged at the time) to send inappropriate pictures, discussing sexual positions, asking about their sex life, bullying other members of the fandom, discussing her divorce in detail, sending a pair of her underwear to McIntyre (who was, again, under 18 at this time) and many other inappropriate behaviours from a woman in her thirties.


McIntyre has also claimed that he worked on Miranda Sings’ online presence for many years, with the lingering promise that one day he will be paid and employed for this work. Allegedly, McIntyre’s work included writing tweets for Sings, content ideas, editing, and running her social media account. According to McIntyre, he was ghost-writing on Sings’ Twitter page between 2017 and 2020, all of which was unpaid work.

McIntyre revealed many screenshots and snippets from their conversation history in their livestream (Twitch and YouTube) to prove that Ballinger both “used” him and “groomed” him. Despite the evidence shown by McIntyre and all the other ex-fans coming out and revealing their experiences, this information is still alleged, and Ballinger has not spoken out about this controversy yet.



Kodee Tyler, another ex-fan of Ballinger, posted a video in 2020 discrediting McIntyre and publicly expressing his support for Ballinger. However, Tyler has now come out with a video exposing the truth, and discussing that she felt pressurised into making the video that discredited Adam McIntyre. Tyler admits that their actions were wrong and is now similarly calling Ballinger out for (allegedly) being a groomer and manipulating fans to boycott McIntyre when he releases his original video in 2020.


Another ex-fan of Ballinger, a Youtuber with the name ‘Gemini John’, has exposed their relationship with the star and how they were similarly mistreated. Their account of events follows the times in which he would go on tour with Ballinger and her best friend Kory DeSoto, something for which he claims to have been underpaid.  This YouTuber has exposed multiple inappropriate moments that he had with Ballinger and DeSoto, both online and in person, including being deprived of accommodation whilst on tour with the pair.



Video links:

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Gemini John's video (09/06/2023)

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