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White House Rephrase Biden’s Announcements He Has Cancer

While addressing the public in Massachusetts on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden left the world shocked for a while declaring he has cancer. “That’s why I, and so damn many other people I grew up with, have cancer” Biden said. The White House immediately clarified Mr. Biden’s health status declaring the president was talking about his skin cancer before running to the presidency which he already healed from. 

However, Biden’s announcement made a wide state of curiosity among attendees of his speech during climate change. The doubts have grown greatly especially among those who heard him using present tense. Following the speech, officials replied that the president was treated from skin cancer in the past.  Andrew Bates, deputy press secretary clarified that the US president's 2021 health exam included healing of "several, localised non-melanoma skin cancers" that he used to have before winning the election.

On the other hand, republicans around the US didn’t miss the chance to mock Mr. Biden’s mental abilities considering it another regular mistake of the 79 – year – old man. They used it as evidence of an exposure mental illness along with others who expressed that these mistakes were extremely far from concentrating on the speech.

This was clearly appeared specially during addressing the public for the issue of climate change. When Mr. Biden decided to take another angle describing how his childhood times were influenced from dangerous oil factories and its releases which used to be located close to his house. “You had to put on your windshield wipers to get, literally, the oil slick off the window," he said. Mr. Biden followed this saying "That’s why I, and so damn many other people I grew up with, have cancer and why for the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation."

Furthermore, the White House health report for Mr. Biden stated that the president had suffered from skin cancer in the past due to "good deal of time in the sun in his youth" opposing any related idea to oil factories or its releases. However, the world of social media arrived, heavily mocking the US president even after the White House release.

Several official accounts owned by members of the Republican Party and regular citizens as well, started to gather Mr. Biden’s similar incidents to utilize on Twitter and other social networks. Certainly, Mr. Biden’s mistakes are going viral not only inside the United States but also internationally. Political observers are commenting on the president’s mistakes, and they are relentless that such incidents have powerful reflection on Mr. Biden’s image. 

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