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Windsor Pro-Palestine Protestors Demand MP Resignation

Demonstrators took to the streets of Windsor after it was found their MP voted against a cease-fire in Gaza.


Members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign led the march through the high street of Windsor on Sunday, November 19 at around 16:00. 


One of the demonstrators held a megaphone at the front of the crowd condemning the conservative Windsor MP, Adam Afriyie, for voting against the cease-fire. 


“Let’s send a message to the MP in Windsor, Adam Afriyie, who voted against the cease-fire, [who] voted to bomb the ‘terrorists’. We have a message for you, Adam. Adam Afriyie, you can’t hide!”  


The crowd shouted “We condemn the genocide” and proceeded to ask the MP “How many kids have you killed today.”


One of the rally members held up a sign reading “Britain’s guilty men: Sunak and Starmer.” Some onlookers were seen confronting the protestors. One of the bystanders called a demonstrator a “cunt” and argued that the protestors should live in Palestine, and that the UK was turning into an Islamist state. 


Protestors proceeded to the Windsor Royal Shopping Centre, where the crowd rallied to hear the organiser of the demonstrator speak: “Is tens of thousands of lives enough to sacrifice our weekend at Starbucks? Is the twenty-five thousand bodies stuck underneath the rubble enough to stand in the cold?”


The spokesperson of the march urged the demonstrators to “not waver” and mentioned the death of a two-year-old boy who died after being hit by an Israeli strike.


“Don’t let the politicians bore you into not being angry or emotional. We should be angry and emotional! We are witnessing an ethnic cleansing! If you are not angry about cleansing then there is something wrong with you.”


The speaker went on to say that 150 Palestinian Christians were almost “extinct”: “Why do you people care more about birds going extinct than human beings! We are witnessing an evil state driven by greed, power and whiteness destroying Palestine and its people. 


“When the politicians in this country vote to carry on bombing kids, and committing war crime after war crime. Remember that if your position to genocide is dependent on people being quiet or polite, then you are a narcissist just as our politicians are. 


“As we speak the Israeli army are breaking al-Shifa hospital, giving doctors and nurses no choice but to stay.”


The speaker blamed the UK for supporting Israel in its assault on the Gaza Strip: “Every single Palestinian that has lost their lives has a name, a face, a story. They had dreams, and now they are being ethnically cleansed. So many people are needlessly dying and this country is supporting genocide.”


 “This MP voted against stopping [the] bombing of children. How deplorable. I will never forgive you, I will never forgive this country, I will never forget every single business that contributed to the genocide.” 


“I will never forget every single face that tried to tell me that I was wrong for saying you should stop bombing children. Please everyone, you have a duty as human beings to fight for the oppressed. Don’t lose hope, don’t give up, at a protest we will lose our voices, we will be tired, but at least we’re not being bombed.”


Adam Afriyie was one of 293 politicians to prevent the call to Israel for a cease-fire. MPs voted on the Scottish Nationalist Party’s proposal for the King’s Speech to call on an immediate cease-fire in Gaza on Wednesday November 15. 


According to a poll from The Guardian, 288 Conservative MPs, along with 4 Democratic Unionist Party and 2 Plaid Cymru members won the majority vote against preventing further strikes in Gaza.


56 Labour MPs defied their party’s leader, Sir Kier Starmer’s order to abstain from voting for the SNP amendment and to back his call for “longer humanitarian pauses” instead. 

Eight shadow ministers and ten Labour frontbenchers have resigned over the vote, according to records from the BBC. Starmer expressed his regret at the ministers’ resignations, but maintained his position on calling for pauses for humanitarian aid: "I regret that some colleagues felt unable to support the position tonight. But I wanted to be clear about where I stood, and where I will stand".

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