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With the airports destroyed, will the Ukrainian citizens ever get to leave?

Ever since the Russians started capturing areas, executing citizens, and then their absence being unaccounted for they have also started destroying all the nearby airports to completely weaken the sovereignty of Ukraine. The amount of damage done to these airports is heavily inapplicable. There are reports that the Hostomel airport has been ditched and left covered in rubble, as multiple reporters have reported the surface of this airport to be completely overlaid with the debris from the destroyed parts of the airport. In the footage from Kyiv, the surface of this Hostomel airport has completely been submerged by the ash of those parts of the airport that have been burned.


There have been reports that within the perimeter of this airport there are broken tanks and loads of unexploded small missiles all scattered around the Hostomel airport. This condition reveals that this airport was taken control by the Russians recently, but how recent is still unknown. The danger caused by this incident has increased been further increased due to the increasing amounts of burned places abandoned with debris and objects scattered all over the place. But will the Russians continue to leave their mark like this all over Ukraine until Ukraine is not fully recognized to be under Russia?


Recent reports from the footage suggest that during the debris in the Hostomel airport, the biggest cargo plane ‘The Maria, The Dream’ which was once the pride of Ukraine, is now left unrecognized. The unaccounted vandalization that was done to the cargo plan has its significance reduced to the equivalent of garbage. Jeremy Bowen reports how the cargo plane has been significantly burned to the ground, with most of its infrastructure being visible as the outer skin has been completely blown away. You can imagine the agony and amount of pain this may have caused to those near this airport, once again stranding them making leaving not an option. With the total amount of heavy damage caused to this airport, the time that will take for Ukraine to fully recover is still uncertain, as with the proceeding conflict at this rate the hope for the Ukrainian citizens to live a normal life is very limited but not over yet from their view.


This cargo plan has said to be a symbol of ‘modernity’, the place of Ukraine in the world which was said to be spread out to the corners of the world, bringing some hope to the citizens of Ukraine. Everything with the conflict has happened at such a quickened pace, this cargo plane is now the symbol of the horrific conflict between Russia and Ukraine as well as all the agony and pain that went unaccounted for by the citizens of Ukraine. This cargo plane may seem like a simple and ordinary plane, but for the citizens of Ukraine, it is a symbol of hope, a symbol of the good that’s keeping millions going across Ukraine.



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BBC Live. Kyiv Live. War in Ukraine: Amongst wreckage in Hostomel Airport near Kyiv. BBC News

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