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World's first 600 km high-speed maglev train rolls out from the assembly line in China

In 2016 October, the high-speed maglev train project developed a magnetic-levitation train prototype with a design that achieved a top speed of 600 km per hour in 2019 and was ready to conduct a successful test run in June 2020.

The new Maglev high-speed train from China, with a top speed of 600 kilometers an hour, left the assembly line on Tuesday. It's now the fastest terrestrial vehicle in the world. The train made its debut within the coastal city of Qingdao, in Shandong Province. Consistent with the China Railway Rolling Corporation (CRRC), this is the latest scientific and technological development within the country in the field of rail transit.

The engineers finished integrating the Maglev transport system, and a train with five cars worked well on a test line inside the plant, said the CRRC. Agreeing with Ding Sansan, the project's lead engineer, the train can travel with 2 to 10 cars, each carrying over 100 passengers. The train offers the simplest option for journeys within the 1500 km range, Ding said, adding that it fills the gap in speed between aviation and high-speed trains.

China's discovery demonstrates that the country has succeeded in bringing an entire set of high-speed Maglev train engineering technologies, including system integration, vehicle production, traction power supply, rail trails, and transport control and communication, said the CRRC.

Compared to traditional wheeled vehicles, high-speed freight trains don't have any contact with railway tracks. They need efficiencies and speed benefits, and produce little or no noise, says He Yunfeng, with CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. "They can start and stop quickly, are safe, and have strong grade ability," said He Yunfeng.


The new Maglev transport system has great tactical importance, it'll maintain China's go up the high-speed transportation field and can also help them in advancing within the development of high-end equipment and emerging industries.

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