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19 Private Schools of Dhanbad Has Ceased to Exist

Dhanbad’s 19 private schools have stopped functioning since the pandemic. It was cleared by the Department of School Education and Literacy of Jharkhand. This school was an educational place for more than 1000 students. It has now ceased to exist. The main reason behind the closing of these schools is COVID-19.

COVID-19 has disrupted many things. The education sector has been attacked the worst in this pandemic. While the education changed from a physical classroom to a virtual one, many students were left behind. The economic difference is so prevalent in education these days.

Students whose parents can afford monthly internet could attend their classes while students whose parents can’t afford are deprived of education. Education is the basic right of every individual. Education should be a matter of equality rather than a privilege.

This matter was first disclosed by the Integrated Academic District Class Data, after which the Department of School Education started its investigation. After the investigation based on the data of 4000 students, it was certain that these schools are shut now. These private schools were closed as many students have to roll back their admission as they had no fees to pay.

Schools and colleges have stopped working since March 2020. Since then, the country is trying to get on track with education through virtual mediums. Digital India is still a dream. India has a wide gap in the economic background of people. In this pandemic, the deprived ones are more deprived of education.

COVID-19 made us witness the exodus of students from private schools to government schools. More than 50% of students who are taking admission in government schools from classes 1 to 8 are from private schools. Students are opting for government school due to the economic impact of COVID-19 and lockdown. This exodus has made it difficult for private schools to survive. Private schools are trying hard to bring back their school on track. The second wave made it more difficult for small private schools and playschools.

Playschools are out of business for more than a year. Many play schools owners have now found some other occupation. Teachers and caretakers who worked in schools now have no jobs. COVID-19 have disrupted the lives of many people. Those who were living a peaceful life find it hard to meet basic needs.

Private schools teachers now have no jobs. Even the ones who are teaching are not getting their salaries on time. Time is difficult for everyone, and these teachers have no other options left with them. Along with private schools, small coaching institutes have stopped functioning. These coaching institutes were the source of bread for many tutors.

The shift of school from the physical classroom to virtual classes has many children and teachers depressed. COVID-19 pandemic and small private schools couldn’t survive together. Private schools and the exodus of children have deprived small private schools of Dhanbad of children.

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