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AAP and it's effect on Indian politics

The dynamic of Indian politics is quite unexpected, you never know what's next. The scenario in Punjab can completely define the new era Indian politics is witnessing after the land sliding victory of the Aam Aadmi Party. We can witness the change in the view of voters. Congress almost lost its supremacy over people's votes. BJP has somewhere still on the same platform with the people’s trust and votes. All these parties have various ideologies and political agendas for elections.

Now, we can observe the change in the voter’s choice. The thinking process is developing as we can analyze from the results of these five states. Voters are liking the concept of the welfare state which focuses on education and other welfare majors like electricity, water, etc. AAP came up with such a welfare model in Delhi which eventually impacted the neighboring state's politics. Because of the instability in the political system of Punjab recently people were aware of their choices to vote in the nearing election. Youth is aware of their rights and were to use their ability to vote as well as be a part of the representative democracy.

Recent elections have worked as an eyeopener for the Congress party as they hit a major blow from voters in all the states. This is the best time for Congress to self-analyze the policies they were following for years. This is the prime time to plan and experiment with new ways to approach voters. Voters are now aware of their rights and firm about the choices they are making by choosing their representatives. This is a democracy where you can’t stay for long if you are not able to adapt to the changes according to the voter's choices.

BJP claimed the Hindi heartland, UP under the leadership of Yogi, and came back with more percentage of votes. Their ideological approach is working in the direction of the demand of voters. BJP proved itself relevant in the era after claiming victory over multiple states.

The prominent question that arises after the results of the Punjab elections is that IS AAP PROVIDING AN ALTERNATE OF BJP? As AAP is challenging the supremacy of the mainstream parties in India by providing a welfare model to voters with sustainable development. Voters are opting as the first choice over the other national parties. It might happen that after a few years we may witness a completely new political system in India.

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